Friday, December 24, 2010

The Elf RULES!

Seriously, the Elf rules!!! And not just the Elf on the "Mimi" that's what Elizabeth named our Elf on the Shelf rules! Elizabeth took such delight each morning in locating Mimi in her new hiding place. And we took such delight in getting better behavior out of Elizabeth by threatening her with, "Do you want Mimi to have to tell Santa ___?"

Once again, our best neighbor ever, Marie (and Jim) Ritz spoiled Elizabeth (and us!) with the hanging of the stocking on the back door beginning on December 1st -- and putting presents in it each day until Christmas:

  1. Water color book with brushes for E; "The Autobiography of Santa Claus" book for Reid & Me (to eventually share with our girls)
  2. Santa placemat
  3. Hot chocolate
  4. e ornament
  5. Pink hoodie jacket
  6. Chapstick (Hershey & Jolly Rancher flavors)
  7. Candy cane with hard candy in it for E; c ornament for Cate
  8. Santa coloring book
  9. Barbie nail polish
  10. Orange and cookies & cream candy
  11. Disney princess stick on earrings and rings (1 for each day of the week!)
  12. Dr. Seuss - Big Blue Book of Beginner Books (6 books in 1)
  13. Merry Christmas bulb ornament with a Santa hat on it
  14. Pencil with eraser (like a wand)
  15. Tootsie rolls (in a bank) and $1
  16. Magic growing clown fish egg
  17. Glitter heart tattoos
  18. Department 56 snowman snack set (cup and plate)
  19. Snowman white chocolate suckers
  20. The Lorax card game
  21. Santa tissues
  22. Flute horn
  23. Princess magic water color paint book
  24. Wooden top (toy) and Teddy Grahams
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Elizabeth Funnies...

Still playing catch-up...but here are a few funnies from my funny girl, Elizabeth:

"Holy smokes guacamole!" (We're not sure what guacamole has to do with anything, other than we do love to eat Mexican food!)

Speaking of eating Mexican food...a month or so before I had Cate, the three of us went to the Mexican restaurant at the Highlands to celebrate E getting a good report from our parent-teacher conference. The person in the booth behind us was most annoying -- continually moving the seat (there was literally no room between my "big huge belly" and the table!) Every minute or so, he would move the seat. I seriously thought it was a kid, a bit older than Elizabeth, whose parents were just so tired at the annoying little brat they didn't care that he was pestering the people behind their booth - so long as he wasn't pestering them at the moment... After 10+ minutes of this, Elizabeth had all she could take. She squeezed as much of her face between the bench and the wall (which wasn't very much) and yelled to the booth behind us, "Stop it you lazy sack!"

Five days after I had Cate Elizabeth asked me, "Mommy, why is your belly still spongy?"
Me: "Because it used to be out to here" (hand gesturing the place where my stomach used to be)
Grandma: "Because the muscles in Mommy's belly were stretched out and it takes a while for them to get back into shape."
Elizabeth: "Mommy, you need to exercise! Do it now! Do it now!"

As Cate was lying on her Daddy's chest (he was fully clothed, mind you), Elizabeth inquires, "Daddy, are you feeding her from your boobies?"

Elizabeth asked for my autograph and after I signed the paper (in the crayon that she provided), she whispered in my ear, "Mommy, I'm a really big fan of you!"

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Welcome Baby Cate!!!

I've been waaaay far behind on my Blogging (somewhat due to technical difficulties where passwords were changed to my gmail account, which is what I have to use to access my Blog...I didn't change said passwords, and couldn't fix the situation -- as when I attempted to recover my password, it kept asking me the name of my first teacher and then telling me I was wrong! I adored my kindergarten teacher and remember her and her name I can assure you the problem wasn't with my recollection of my first teacher's name (tried my 1st grade teacher, whom I also adored and recall her name, which failed miserably.) Anyway, Reid had to get involved in order for the technical difficulties to disappear...

I've been a bit busy as well...which somewhat explains my neglecting my Blog...but perhaps not for as long as I have been neglecting this Blog...

Anyway, I'm back in the saddle and promising (once again) to be better about keeping you up-to-date via my Blog! Yada, yada, yada...

So...back to welcoming Baby Cate (if you say it like Elizabeth does, it will sound like your mouth is about half full of peanut butter!)

The Thursday before Thanksgiving, November 18th, Reid was on his way with the women's basketball team to Shippensburg for a tournament. When he was about an hour away from Shippensburg, I called to tell him that I was experiencing some early signs of labor...and as quickly as Elizabeth came, I just wanted to put him on alert. He made numerous calls -- had several people put on alert, and through the kindness and generosity of the Hansen family, who upon arriving at the hotel, cleaned out their van and gave Reid the keys to it to send him back home to be with me...and the Malernee family, who provided a taxi service to the Hansens to get them back to their van, Reid was able to get home shortly after midnight that night. I also called my folks who came up in the wee hours of the morning. Mind you, at this point, Dr. Coleman was only telling me that I would likely not make it to my due date in the middle of December...and she also talked with us about the possibility of inducing labor so that I would not only make it to the hospital in time, but would also be there in plenty of time to get my epidural...

So, Reid gets mom is here...and a week later the rest of the Amoses (Rick, Carol, and the newlyweds, Rikki & Doug) are here to celebrate Thanksgiving...and no Baby Cate. Around this time Dr. Coleman sets a date to induce labor of December 2nd (which we would change the following week to December 1st since the Toppers had a home game on the 2nd and we were worried it would make Reid's schedule a bit too tight!)...

On December 1st, Reid & I take a few early morning pictures of me before leaving for Wheeling Hospital for Baby Cate's birthday. We are at the hospital at the scheduled time of 6AM. It took forever to answer the questions that were required before the real show could "during your pregnancy did you use any recreational drugs or stimulants (including caffeine!)," "do you meditate?," "did you crave chalk?" Seriously? Seriously.

The "show" didn't actually begin with the pitocin drip and Dr. Coleman "breaking my water" until shortly after 9AM. At that time, Dr. Coleman put the call in for the anesthesiologist to come for my epidural. I'm still texting updates at this point...but stop around the time that the anesthesiologist comes for the epidural. The epidural worked so well for Elizabeth's birth that I was giving Reid updates on the Syracuse vs. Gonzaga men's basketball game...with Cate...not so much. The anesthesiologist arrived around 9:25 AM, at which time I'm feeling the contractions (not fun!) She got a "wet stick" on the first attempt (wet stick = seeing spinal fluid = not a good thing!). The second stick went in without a problem, but didn't other words, nothing was numb... Reid & Mom were allowed back into the delivery room around 10:10 AM.

For the next 40 minutes, the contractions came on harder and quicker. And there was one particular swear word (rhymes with duck) that I was quite fond of using at the conclusion of each contraction. Fortunately Mom and Reid have been exposed to me using "the bomb" on an occassion or two. (Reid later reported that there may have been one nurse in the room for at least one of those, bless her little heart!)

Around 10:35, Reid lest the room to get the nurse, Patty. She and the rest of the nursing team came in immediately to finish preparing the room for Dr. Coleman. Reid recalls that Dr. Coleman arrived between 10:45 and 10:50 AM. After pushing through three sets of contractions, Dr. Coleman held Victoria Catherine up for me to see at 11:00 AM!

(Note: I only said "fudge" with Dr. Coleman in the room. How's that for respect???)

Reid, like he did with Elizabeth, cut the cord. The nurses took pictures with my camera...the entire staff at Wheeling Hospital was truly amazing!

We are so amazingly blessed!

Later that day when Elizabeth got to meet her baby sister, she said, "Thank you for giving me a baby sister, Mommy!"

A short while later as Cate was stirring, Elizabeth said in a most irritated voice, "Mom! She stuck her tongue out at me! That's not very nice!"

Elizabeth, with a little help from Grandma, welcomed us all home from the hospital with a "surprise" Welcome Home Baby Cate party on Friday, December 3rd. She served things that start with C: cake, cupcakes, cheese, carrots, cauliflower (and a few other veggies). She is such a great big sister already!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Elizabeth's Big Week

On Thursday, Reid, Elizabeth, and I went to Idlewild & Soak Zone for a day of fun. E had an absolute blast! Idlewild, if you haven't been, is a great park for kids -- 2nd best in the world, in fact! I don't know where I would rank it for a pregnant lady, but definitely not in my top 10 can't miss activities! I was able to capture plenty of the day in pictures, though! It was so much fun to watch Elizabeth experience such new fun adventures!

Today at my old summer stomping ground, the Sutton Pool, Elizabeth decided that she wanted to go off the diving board -- and into the deep end (11'). Mom and I were treading water in the area where she would jump in and Reid was on the side of the pool where she would need to swim. She got half way out on the board and said that she was scared. I told her that was okay, she didn't have to jump...but we weren't going to do this again, so she either needed to jump or to get off the board. She cautiously walked out to the edge of the board, gave it a quick second thought, and JUMPED!

She easily swam to her Daddy...and went at it again...and again...and again. Every bit of 30+ times. She is absolutely amazing!

It has been so much fun to watch her go from "swimming" with a vest on at the beginning of the summer, to ditching the vest and paddling on her really swimming! She is great! She doesn't hold her nose (as I would not allow this -- holding your nose is for wusses!) She can easily stay under water for 10+ seconds. She swims really well for a 4-year-old. Thanks to spending a week here in Sutton with Aunt Anne and Grandma, she's nearly learned to dive.

I love her so much!!!

Unfortunately for lifeguard Ryan Swecker (the son of a friend of mine from Kindergarten on), Alex didn't jump off the diving board today. Anne told Ryan she would give him $5 bucks if Alex jumped off the board. I said, "Heck with that, I'll give you $20." Ryan couldn't have cheered harder for Alex, but no dice. Anne told Ryan, "You can see which sister makes more money." I said, "No, I just figured it was a safe bet."

Alex was jumping in the deep end and making some good independent strokes, though! Once he learns to actually put his chin in the water, he'll get his body in the position that he is moving forward rather than just treading water.

The two water dogs were most impressive today. My Grandpa must be smiling...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Adventures for E...New Discoveries...

On Saturday evening after Reid, Anne, Sean, & I gorged ourselves on our seafood bake, the kiddos got baths and we did the bedtime routine.

Elizabeth and I were cuddling in Reid's & my bed (as Anne was putting Alex to sleep in the crib -- despite a series of protests from Elizabeth as that crib is for HER baby! Since HER baby wasn't going to be using the crib over the weekend, she eventually agreed it was okay for Alex to sleep in the crib in her room...) anyway, E & I were cuddling in the bed when Cate started kicking around a bit.

I took Elizabeth's hand and told her to be patient and she might get to feel her kick. Elizabeth wanted to sing to her -- in my mouth so she would be able to hear it. I told her that she could just sing to my tummy, that would be easier for Cate to hear her. (We went round and round on this issue...eventually, as I refused to just open my mouth so that E could sing into it, she just started singing...) Elizabeth sang the song that she and Alex learned at Bible School, "Peter John and James in a sail boat," and she was able to feel the baby kick once. Elizabeth was really excited and started singing louder (until I had her quite down so as not to get Alex disrupted.) She hasn't gotten to feel her since, but it was pretty sweet when it happened!

Elizabeth is getting really excited about becoming a big sister -- so long as she can keep some of her baby things for least at this point the items she thinks are precious aren't essential for a baby.

I was downloading pictures earlier today when I had a new discovery...out of Play-Doh!, Elizabeth created "Mommy." Reid snapped a picture of her creation, but forgot about it until I was asking him about the pictures on the camera. It's pretty darned cute, if I do say so myself! (That is some Morton nose I'm sporting, though!)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Corny Cob

Uncle Sean calls Elizabeth "Corny Cob"...I'm not sure if it because he likes to tickle her in the ribs and that's why...

Or because on Saturday evening while at Campbell's 4-1-/2 birthday party she ate 4 ears of corn...which she followed up on Sunday for the Father's Day dinner with an additional 4 ears of corn...

Ohhh child! I love ya like a pig loves corn!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

OK, so I guess this will be my new post every two months, not too shabby ;-)

Elizabeth has been moved up to the Pre-K room for the summer, despite Pre-K not starting until this fall. Yesterday she came home with a decorated rock that has a sign on it that says, "My Daddy Rocks!" It will be a lovely, sparkly paper weight for his office! She also brought home a card that she made for him (with the help from one of her teachers who filled in the blanks as dictated by Elizabeth):

"My Daddy Is the BEST Because...

My Daddy is as handsome as an elephant.
My Daddy is as tall as Hans.
My Daddy looks silly when she shaves his face.
My Daddy is as strong as a wrestler.
He is so strong he can even lift me.
My Daddy's favorite food is corn.
My Daddy's favorite thing to do is pat me when I'm asleep.
My Daddy's favorite sport or team is Basketball - WVU.
When my Daddy is little he was a football player.
I think my Daddy is so funny when he tickles me & makes funny faces.
I know my Daddy loves me because he takes me places like everywhere - Oglebay, golf.
I wish my Daddy could do golfing with me every day.
My FAVORITE THING about my Daddy is playing golf with him.
I wouldn't even trade my Daddy for a real horse.

Happy Fathers Day 2010!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Playing Catch Up

For starters, I'm still damn proud to be a Mountaineer! Last week, Da'Sean Butler threw out the opening pitch at a Little League baseball game in Bridgeport and then stuck around to sign autographs. How cool is that?

In addition to work, which has been crazy...and Reid's schedule, which has also been crazy...and Elizabeth, who is growing like a weed and today (while Daddy was at a work function) had a crazy meltdown...we've been good. Busy, but good. I'm also trying to pick up some more skills on PhotoShop -- just in time for Alex's 3rd birthday party invitations.

I held my annual Champions Dinner this year on the Saturday of the Masters. Seriously, one of the best meals that I have ever made for the Champions Dinner. And, unlike Phil's 1st dinner (sooooo excited he won, BTW!!!) of the lobster ravioli, I didn't have to spend the entire day in the kitchen making the meal, which meant I actually tasted it and liked it! We were happy to have Johnny Lynch, Eric & Leigh Bovaird as guests this year. Unfortunately the Martins had to cancel out, but we're looking forward to them joining us next year... Anyway, here is what I served from 2009 Champion Angel Cabrera's menu:

Speaking of the Martins, it's so great that P.J., Jason, John Patrick, and Jackson have moved back to WV...and are practically our neighbors! John Patrick and Weezie get along famously; and we're looking forward to getting to introduce them all to the Koeglers -- long over-due for that! Tomorrow night P.J., Jason, Reid, & I will be going to the Wheeling Symphony for the "Music of Champions."

Sunday, April 11, 2010

So Proud to Be a Mountaineer!!!

The good folks at MSN did, as usual, a fantastic job with this send-off to the Final Four video...just had to post it here on my Blog so that you could always come back here to watch it when you're having a bad day.

Best wishes to Da'Sean Butler and Truck Bryant as they recover from their respective surgeries!

Let's Gooooooo Mountaineers!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some of my favorite articles on WVU:

From Sports Illustrated, author Andy Staples, "Huggins shows softer side with Butler embrace"

From the Miami Herald, author John Marshall, "WVa's love affair with Mountaineers runs deep"

From The Smoking Muskett, author Dr. Charley West, "West Virginia in the Final Four: What It Means to Me (and the Entire State)"

From, "Butler Wins Lowes Senior CLASS Award"

We're so proud to be Mountaineers!!!
Check out the new "house" numbers painted on the sidewalk:

Ugh! I'm so over the weeds...and it's only April...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful to/for/about:

  • The Mountaineers making it to the Final Four
  • For Reid scoring tickets for us for the Final Four
  • For understanding & supportive parents who will be spoiling and entertaining Elizabeth over Easter so Reid & I can cheer on the Mountaineers
I would struggle to come up with as many "thankful" thoughts as John Flowers did -- as is recounted in this post from the Smoking Musket:

John Flowers Loves West Virginia Fans

John Flowers is not happy about Jim Burr telling him he is not  icey.  (AP Photo/David Smith)

More photos » David Smith - AP

John Flowers is not happy about Jim Burr telling him he is not icey. (AP Photo/David Smith)

From everything I have seen, John Flowers is the best entertainer on WVU's basketball team. He started the season by winning the slam dunk contest at Mountaineer Madness, trademarked the catchphrase "So icey!!" and has gotten nothing but 10's for his pregame dances. He is an endless source of laughs.

He seemingly capped it all off with his Irish jig in front of the Notre Dame pep band but once again, he has outdone himself. Today, John Flowers is tweeting all the reason he loves Mountaineer fans. If you want to see the tweets live, follow him @jflow41. If you don't have twitter, just check back here all day for all the reason John Flowers loves West Virginia fans.

My comments about Flowers tweets are in italics.

  • I love west Virginia fans bcuz they love us
  • I love west Virginia fans bcuz y'all r so spirited!
  • I love west Virginia fans bcuz if a fight broke out y'all would rush the court lol
  • I love west Virginia fans bcuz there's millions of y'all

Updates after the jump... [Updated 3:00 pm]


  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz y'all talk as much shit as We do on the court lol
  • Sooo Ima try 2 get at a youngin And b like.."aye! Yo baby waz ya name!" (Trey songs voice)lol y'all think she gona b feelin me?
  • Man my phone bout 2 die...WTF I been tweetin that much! Lol (so not icey)
  • Hahaha RT @Eskins21: @jflow41 if/when yall see UK..what's the over/under on cam and d.cousins gettin in a fight? lmao
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz y'all sing country roads at da end of every game!
  • I think west va band should change it sum stuff off drum line lol..James brown!
  • Hahaha #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz y'all fight other fans lol (not something to be proud of unless they started it which they normally do)
  • I would LMAO and dance if our band played "shake ya ass" by mystical hahahaha


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Final Four Bound!

How sweet is it to be a Mountaineer fan right now??? I'm certainly hoping for it to be even sweeter in the coming days -- I do have such a sweet tooth, you know!

I thought you would be interested in Tony Caridi's call of the final seconds of the WVU v. Kentucky elite eight game. It's a great day to be a Mountaineer, wherever you may be!

This is also a great article about the game -- and the moment.

Exciting news that Truck Bryant will be able to play, according to reports, even if it is in a limited capacity.

I love this team! I love that the team didn't cut down the nets in Syracuse (watch the video, below, to the end to see what Huggins says about it) - as they're not done! I love the Mountaineers!

Let's Gooooooo Mountaineers!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


If you're like me, you get really excited to get something for free. If you're a "foodie" who loves to cook, this will get you even more excited!

While stuck on I-79N yesterday (and by stuck, I mean car in park, engine turned off) behind a wreck, I was listening to Martha Stewart Radio's "Cooking with Emeril." He's celebrating 20 years as a restaurant owner in New Orleans and was broadcasting from Emeril's, his flagship restaurant. I can attest (as can Jake), that whatever you get there is delicious! Same goes for Nola's which is in the French Quarter -- the first time I went there was St. Patty's weekend (with Jake) in 2001. My mouth is watering just thinking of the scrumptious meals I have had at Emeril's, NOLA (always an obligatory stop for me when I'm in New Orleans as it is my fav!), Emeril's Delmonico, and the Delmonico Steak House (Las Vegas). To say that I'm a fan of his cooking style or his restaurants might be an understatement.

Right now, you can download (for FREE!) "Emeril's Celebrates 20 Years: Favorite Recipes from Emeril Lagasse's New Orleans Restaurants" from Martha Stewart Radio's website. I highly recommend the NOLA's Shrimp & Smoked Cheddar Grits! (I must find someone who will appreciate grits enough for me to make this the Yankee Boy isn't a fan...)

I don't know how long it will be available, so you should probably act fast! (Otherwise, you'll have to sweet talk me into sending you a copy!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Funny Stuff!

With many thanks to Rikki for sharing this with me! I love I love School House Rocks! And this is just plain funny!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Called Bank!

I'm getting anxious for tomorrow's tip-off...but thought you would appreciate this article from the NY Daily News...which reported that Da'Sean apparently did call that bank shot against Cinci...

Da'Sean Butler's three-pointer beats buzzer and Cincinnati Bearcats in Big East quarterfinals

Friday, March 12th 2010, 4:00 AM

Da'Sean Butler nails a shot beyond the arc, giving West Virginia a  quarterfinal win over Bearcats.
Da'Sean Butler nails a shot beyond the arc, giving West Virginia a quarterfinal win over Bearcats.

West Virginia senior forward Da'Sean Butler banked in an off-balance 3-pointer at the buzzer to give the third-seeded Mountaineers a 54-51 win over 11th-seeeded Cincinnati in the quarterfinals of the Big East Tournament at the Garden. And after he put up the crazy shot over the outstretched arms of Cincinnati freshman and former Lincoln star Lance Stephenson, Butler called it. "I did everything I could, I was all over him," Stephenson said. "I even fouled him. But he got it up and he even called it a bank shot."

That made the seventh-ranked Mountaineers (25-6) the only top four seed to survive yesterday's quarterfinals. They will face Notre Dame, which upset second-seeded Pittsburgh earlier in the night, in tonight's semifinal at 9.

"We saw the other teams lose; it was a warning," said West Virginia sophomore Kevin Jones, who finished with 17 points. "We didn't want to go out like that."

The Mountaineers could have very easily been the fourth victim last night. The Bearcats, who rallied from an 18-4 deficit to trail just 26-23 at the half, put together another late-game rally. The Mountaineers led by nine with 5:42 to play, but Stephenson scored six of his 19 points during the Bearcats' 13-4 run, which he capped with a 3-pointer that tied the game at 51 with 42 seconds to play.

Cincinnati, which won its first two games of the tournament by a combined four points, forced West Virginia to turn the ball over on a shot-clock violation with seven seconds to play, but the Bearcats gave it right back. Dion Dixon lost control of the ball in the backcourt off an inbounds pass, and his turnover gave the Mountaineers the ball with :3.1 left.

After taking the inbounds pass, Butler put up his shot from just inside the NBA 3-point line. "I took one dribble and shot," said the Newark product, who finished with 15points. "It felt good and it looked good as soon as it hit glass."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Support the Upshur Cooperative Parish House Community Garden

"teach a man to fish", or, in broader terms, teach a county to garden.

Upshur Cooperative Parish House Community Garden

Voting ends March 31st. Cast your vote daily to support this Upsher County project!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Funnies

A few funnies for this very busy Friday. (I'm so torn, do I watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies or the WVU v. Pitt basketball game??? Olympics - live, WVU is I will have my cake & eat it too!)

Last night at the West Liberty basketball game, Elizabeth was enjoying a bit too much of her Valentine's candy when she thought it was a good idea to start sassing me. She was completely hopped, too, from having the Valentine's "celebration" at daycare. (She insisted it was going to be a celebration and NOT a party!) So she is sassing me and wagging her finger at me like Dikembe Mutombo as he blocked a shot...which, as you could imagine didn't go over really well with me. I told her to stop it and to, "Put that finger away." She replied, "But I don't have a pocket for it."

During the second half of the game as she was yelling for her favorite player, John Wolosinczuk, "Come on - boyfriend!"

On the ride home I asked her where she wanted to go to school - did she want to go to Wesleyan where Mommy went? Or to Fairmont where Daddy went? Or West Liberty? Or to WVU where both Mommy & Daddy went? Elizabeth said that she wanted to go to West Liberty and she wanted to play basketball AND football. "Football?" I asked. "Yeah, because I want to be a champion!"

She fell asleep this evening before the really good stuff on the Olympic Opening Ceremonies -- at 8:30 she was "Sleepy Time Down South" so the joke might actually be on me in the middle of the night!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

F-ing Funny for a F-ing Cold Wednesday

If you haven't seen Stephen Colbert's clip, it is worth the watch...both he & Jon Stewart make me laugh... Enjoy! (Stay safe & warm!)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

4-Year Check Up

Yesterday we took Elizabeth back for her follow-up at the audiologist and Dr. Chris, her ENT. The audiologist said that her hearing had improved by about 25% - up to the "normal levels." No excuses for her in not being able to hear us when we tell her to clean up her playroom or to stop jumping/climbing on something. Dr. Chris said that she looked "perfect!" (I really like him!) He said that her throat healed well and that her tubes were in and looked good. He said that whatever we are doing to keep her ears dry was working (plugs when she bathes!) We go back on February 22nd for the fitting for her swim plugs. She goes back to either Dr. Chris or Dr. Ruben (her pediatrician) in 6 months to check on the tubes.

Today was Elizabeth's annual check-up. Dr. Ruben said she looks great! We are to put her back on the Zyrtec once a day (1 teaspoon) for treatment for seasonal allergies. (We're so fortunate that she loves to take medicine!) She got her H1N1 shot -- and she'll go back in a month for the second H1N1 shot. She also got the seasonal flu shot as well as 4 other vaccines. That was 6 shots, 3 in each arm, 2 at a time.

She doesn't like doctors any more. Paging Dr. Jeff Wilt -- please help dispel her thoughts that doctors aren't very nice!

Elizabeth has grown 3-1/2 inches since last year -- she's now 42". (That puts her in the 90-95th percentile for height for her age.)

Elizabeth has gained 5 pounds since last year -- she weighs 36 pounds. She didn't lose any weight with the surgery. (She's in the 50th-60th percentile for weight for her age.)

Her weight for height percentile is 10th-25th. So, in other words, she's tall and skinny - but you would have to be blind to not determine that for yourself!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today, I'm thankful to/for/about:

  • My Mom - who is just a rock star. I miss her dearly but am so thankful for the time she was able to spend with us.
  • Elizabeth's continued health. She's so amazing! She is all about smelling things these days - truly a new experience for her!
  • The Amoses for coming to the Friendly City of Wheeling for Elizabeth's birthday...and Aqua Sand. The novelty has not yet worn off, so I'm thankful for that, too! (I'm not-so-thankful for Disney for still making crappy stuff -- as the arm from the replacement doll has broken...same way as the one she got from Santa. I hate Disney Store products!!!)
  • The Koeglers for being fun to hang around with! Sorry, Campbell, that Elizabeth "had an accident with Spike." (She sat on the remote control for Spike the dinosaur, which turned him on and he started moving. To say that Cam isn't a fan of his remote-control dinosaur when he is on and not sleeping would be a great understatement!)
  • The Toppers getting their quality win over A-B tonight -- and the Falcons for upsetting WV State in Fairmont. That combination puts the Toppers in 1st place in the conference.
Some Elizabeth funnies:
  • Two days after E's surgery, Friday, January 22nd, we were watching the Haiti relief program on TV. She loves to dance and was ready to get down. I had given her a dose of hydrocodone just to "make sure" that she would be pain free for the night and would be able to get a quality night's rest. She eventually got the rest, but I'm pretty sure that the hydrocodone didn't play a big factor in it. She was so high off of the stuff it was the last dose we would give her. At 10:30 PM she said, "I don't need my undies on because I'm going to dance!" while she proceeded to strip nakey and dance.
  • Tonight at the game, Elizabeth spotted a few girls that were dressed for the evening -- in a club, not so much for a basketball game. Regarding one girl who was in a halter-top, Elizabeth said, "Mommy, why is that girl not wearing a shirt with these?" (pointing to her shoulders.) I asked E if she liked that girl's shirt to which she replied, "No. It's not very cute."

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Sesame Birthday

We had a great time this year at Elizabeth's 4th Birthday party! We were so delighted to have Grandma, Nana, Papi, Rikki, Doug, and the Koeglers - Jason, Sarah, Campbell, & Will celebrate with us. Especially Rikki & Doug (guilt does work!) for braving the weather to get here...which is what kept Papi at home.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful to/for/about:

  • Dr. Christopher Tiu! Yesterday her performed Elizabeth's surgery of removing her tonsils, adenoids (about 90% of them at least), and put tubes in her ears. He said she was "perfect" after the surgery. Her ears were really infected - much more so than what he initially thought. In our last consultation with him, he thought that she wouldn't need drops in her ears or an antibiotic after the surgery, but that wasn't the case. He was quite surprised that she never complained about her ears hurting her. Her tonsils were about the equivalent of an adult having two golf balls in the back of their throat. Her adenoids were completely blocking her airway, so she was never able to breathe from her nose...until yesterday! She barely snored last night (and Dr. Chris said that post-op she would likely have swelling and would snore for a few more weeks.) The nurses at the hospital were so good to Elizabeth, too. We are so thankful to everyone at Wheeling Hospital!!! Her surgery was delayed for nearly two hours as the hospital was dealing with harvesting organs in the OR in which Elizabeth's surgery was scheduled. I'm thankful, too, for the generous soul that offered his/her organs which are saving and greatly enhancing lives
  • Elizabeth - she is an amazing 4-year-old little girl! She never complained with all of her discomfort prior to surgery. She's been so fabulous post-surgery - only four times saying that her throat hurts. She says her ears don't have bubbles in them any more (that is all the more complaining she ever did when she would have an ear ache). The majority of her complaints that she has lodged thus far after the surgery is that we are making her rest on the couch or not run from the living room and her play room.
  • Reid - for being the strong one when the nurses and anesthesiologist wheeled her off on her bed yesterday while she was still awake. (She wasn't crying, she was definitely "loopy" thanks to the drugs, but I wasn't the rock in that situation.) He's such a good Daddy!
  • Grandma (& Papi) - for coming up to stay with us and to help care for Elizabeth (her love of cleaning products is just a bonus!) She got her last Wednesday, just in time to help out with Elizabeth while I was in "God Bless Texas" for work. Plus, she has been such a good nurse to me during my various surgeries, it's just an added comfort to me! Papi, too, for being so good about lending us Grandma (not that I think he had much to say in the matter!)
  • Nana & Papa - for their loving support of us, and most especially Elizabeth. E was allowed to take her precious Lambie and her Christmas quilt that Nana made her back into the surgery with wonderful that she had her comfort items with her!
  • Aunts, Uncles, & her cousin Alex...who when he saw a picture of her in her hospital gown he said, "Go see EP. Make her happy." What a sweet boy he is!
I'll be curious as to what Elizabeth remembers from her surgery. I was 8 when I had my T&A. I have very random memories, none of them were too scarring (unless you count waking up and your Mom not being in the room, but your Grandma was there boozing it up with something from her thermos.)

Seeing her in the recovery room was tough. She didn't know what was going on, or to some extent who we were. She cried so hard and couldn't really be comforted. When she saw the heart-rate monitor on her finger, she tried to rip it off. Then when she saw the IV in her left hand (when they had been prepping her right hand) and tried to rip it out. A nurse, Franny, quickly came over to remove those items before Elizabeth took matters completely into her own confused little hands. Then Elizabeth, still crying and confused, tried to stand up in the bed. Her legs were weak and she quickly fell back down. I scooped her up and held her. With me holding her close to me and Reid able to wipe away her tears and stroke her hair, she finally calmed down to where she stopped crying and quickly fell asleep.

We stayed in the recovery room with me holding her for about an hour. Thankfully another nurse, Jo Ann, was able to track down Dr. Chris before he went in for his third procedure of the day (Elizabeth was his first) so that we could get discharged.

Her voice is markedly higher at the moment. Dr. Chris said it would most likely change following the surgery. I'm curious at this point, though, if it will stay as high as it is right I am guessing that it is partially this high as a result of the stress on the back of her throat.

Elizabeth truly is a remarkable little girl. I'm not just saying this because she is mine...she is one amazing kid.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Elizabeth Rings in the New Year

Happy 2010 to All!

Elizabeth stayed awake on NYE to ring in 2010 with us. She had been in her playroom quietly hanging out watching Season 1 of the Brady Bunch...without sleeping. So, about 10 minutes until midnight, Reid had her come into the living room to watch the ball drop with us. We're concerned that her counting skills have been severely hurt with watching Dick Clark do the countdown. How sad that has become, "Firteen, tehve, ten, leben, nie..." Most kids these days will have no clue how important Dick Clark was to music or folks like my mom (or even me to a lesser extent) in their teen years. They will just have this image of the guy rising up from his coffin every New Year's Eve to botch the countdown...truly, truly sad!

Today, while cleaning up in my scrapbook room, I found $40! Score!!!

Elizabeth is thrilled with her easel and art stuff, which I have set up in the scrapbook space. She wrote her own name on the wipe board today - check it out!!! She may have been set back in the counting department thanks to Mr. Clark, but she wrote her name today, which is HUGE! She was so proud of herself, and rightfully so! I took pictures of the writing (especially since it was done with a dry-erase marker!), and she wanted her picture taken with it, as well as her picture with her Daddy and the writing. She's growing up so quickly!

She's been quite active...downloading the Chipettes (from Alivin & the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel) singing "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" on Reid's iPhone...and has been walking around singing, "All the single ladies...put a ring on it...uh oh oh, uh oh oh..." for the last two days. So, with the found money, we went to see the movie this evening. It's really cute!

Then for the ride home, despite it being only 12 degrees outside, Elizabeth insisted (and we indulged) in a trip to Cold Stone Creamery for some lemon ice cream (sorbet, but I'm not going there to correct her...I'll just be happy when she masters the "lie down" thing)...then off to see the lights at Oglebay for the last time this season. She blew kisses to Willard (the Snowman) and Frosty the Snowman, his wife, & kid. Goodbye lights, we'll see you next year!