Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Alright, now I feel badly. Anne has been much better about updating her blog than I have been recently. Not that the Cunningham sisters are competitive or anything...

It's a busy time of year for me at work...blah, blah, blah. Seriously though, I leave two weeks from Thursday...we have our first shipment going out of HQ (only at 2200 lbs at this point) goes out on Thursday...lots of stuff still needs designed & printed...YIPES! perhaps I should get to work as opposed to updating the Blog.

But alas, I am still typing...

Elizabeth was very, very excited to see Grandma on Saturday. She was so excited that the word of the night was "hap-py". Reid & I enjoyed having Mom & Daddy at the house for "Clapper" burgers (yum!) and quality time with Elizabeth. Sunday was Sweetness' birthday. We had his folks over for dinner.

When Reid was opening his presents, E began to break out with welts and scratching along her neck. At first I was to blame for giving her a small slice of Reid's cheesecake (walnuts in the graham cracker crust.) Everyone thought she may be allergic to walnuts. BUT after Reid gave her the "Shhh! It's sleepy time down South" bottle and she fell asleep, I picked her up to put her down for the count...and noticed big welts on her legs (where her outfit had been earlier) and around her armpits, and again on the neck. Then it donned on Reid that he needed to fluff an outfit in the dryer...he couldn't find an empty clothes basket to pull E's clothes from the dryer, so he just put his clothes and a DRYER SHEET in with E's clothes for a tumble. Bad Daddy, BAD! You can't put dryer sheets in with Elizabeth's clothes - not for a wee one with a bout with eczema. Thankfully, as Elizabeth would say (with her signs to boot) the welts are "all gone."

Monday, June 18, 2007

Parental Advisory...

As if I don't have enough to be concerned about with raising my Sweet Baby Girl...but I get this from a trusted website - BabyCenter.com (with my weekly email updates):


Why it happens
Toddlers masturbate for the same reason that older children do: It feels good! Bodily exploration is part of growing up. During the toddler years, your child will learn to run, jump, throw, pump a swing, draw, and (probably) "make all her poops in the potty." She may be just as curious about her genitals as she is about her fingers, toes, and belly button — and if she's recently switched from diapers to underpants, she may be able to get to them for the first time. "When parents first see this kind of exploration, they wonder 'is this normal?'" says Meg Zweiback, a nurse practitioner and family consultant in Oakland, California. "The answer is yes, you don't need to be concerned.

You sick & twisted inquiring minds want to know folks can get the rest of the article here:

Good Grief!

Monday, June 11, 2007

House shopping

So Jake was in town yesterday...and he, Reid & I went house shopping. Saw one with some promise...

Jake & Reid are initially more excited than I am...I'm looking at the kitchen and thinking "ugh."

But, God bless Sweetness, he and Jake did find an old home for me - built in 1925. Has surprisingly good closet space. Lots on windows (with custom storm windows). Nifty old house features (like a fold-out ironing board in the kitchen -- that I would convert into something like a message center...). Beautiful fireplace in the LR. 5 bedroom, 2.5 baths - which would give us ample space for Reid's office and enough bedrooms...

We'll see...

Speaking of Jake - thank God he was visiting us yesterday. On the way home from the golf course on Saturday, the heat gauge in Sweetness' wheel went off...some clamp broke and some hose got a little melted hole in it...(can you tell when I tuned them out???) Anyway, 3 trips to the part store later - Jake gave the Explorer some much-needed lovin'.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

US Open Bound

Sweetness, Tierney, Sengewalt & I are headded to the US Open on Thursday & I couldn't be more excited!!!

With a 1:36 tee time (#10 hole) - from Rancho Santa Fe, CA - Phil Mickelson!!! (Tiger goes off at 8:06 on #1, Mom...I'm sure that is more important to you than Lefty.

I haven't yet seen a PGA event live - and my first one will be the US Open - at Oakmont, no less! What a lucky girl I am!!!
I can't wait. I'm so excited I had to go out and buy something to wear...I know, excuses, excuses...but I really did need something to wear. Honest!!!
Now if I could only find a new pair of tennis shoes...or locate my golf shoes that I have hardly worn...oh well... Go Lefty!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Alex - please open your eyes!

Just wanted to share a few pictures of my adorable nephew...who enjoys his sleep...

Here is a rare one with his eyes open - barely.

Sweetness & I had a great time in NYC visiting with Anne, Sean, Alex & Mom!!!

Kermie Feet!

The Wines of Sunnyside...

Friday, June 1, 2007

The Bear Hunter

My Dad is the toughest man I know. Hands down. No ifs, ands or buts about it.
Don't even think you can go there in a competition.
You will lose.

A bear - yes, an actual bear, sneaked up on him while he was working in the garden, about 18 feet away. Daddy stood up and yelled at the bear. The bear went away.

My Daddy is the bomb!