Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crap That Annoys Me...

Here's the latest on crap that annoys me (feel free to laugh at my expense):

  • Being so damned tired that you walk into the men's bathroom at the airport (6 AM flights from Pittsburgh, making me depart my house at 3:45 AM may have had a role to play here...)
  • Toilet water hitting my backside (when I'm standing with my pants pulled up no less) as it automatically flushes. Who needs that much flushing power, Pittsburgh International Airport???
  • People who have carry-on baggage that is the same size as my check baggage for the weekend (cheap, annoying bastards!)
  • The people that sit behind you on a flight that are sooooooo loud that you can literally hear every word of their if you were hard of hearing person at the nursing home...
  • People who forget they will be in tight quarters with others (planes, offices, board rooms, etc.) when they POUR on the cologne...

Must. Drink. More. Coffee.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Elizabeth's 6th Birthday Party!

A very Star Wars obsessed birthday girl got just what she wanted - a Star Wars themed event. I went a little crazy with the cupcakes, but think they turned out uber cool! Who am I kidding, I went a bit overboard for everything for this party. It was, after all, the first birthday party where she invited more than her BFFs, Campbell & Will. We were delighted, in addition to the Koeglers, to have E's gal pals, Madeline & Reese (and their awesome mom, Jennifer) and the Huffmans - Jacob, Jillian, & Josh (along with their Star Wars loving dad, Aaron, and their mom, Courtney, who like Reid doesn't "get it".) Grandma was on hand to spoil us all -- especially me, with all of the cleaning before and after the fact!

Elizabeth got a TON of fun stuff from Star Wars action figures, a Star Wars tent and blanket (to go with her new bunk beds!), girly-girl stuff (that I have no clue about - lol), to clothes, to the HUGE Barbie Dream Town House - complete with a flushing toilet which is sooooo unnecessary!

What a great day!!! Check it out here...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Elizabeth's Impending Birthday

Elizabeth has become quite obsessed with Star Wars these days. She nearly leaped out of her skin when she saw the movie poster for Star Wars Episode I in 3D (coming on February 10th!) when we were at The Muppets. (It will be our Valentine's date!) I've been squirreling away Star Wars party supplies like a squirrel with nuts in November. Even Nana got into the act and bought out nearly every Star Wars item they had at the Fairmont WalDump before Christmas. I probably have enough supplies for two parties (not that they will go to waste as I have a sneaking suspicion that Alex will want a Star Wars party in May...)

Date has been set. We toyed with a location outside of our home, but everything that I think is age appropriate has a 15 minute set-up/tear down policy and a 2-hour window for food, cake, and fun. Everything else that is cool, she will likely enjoy it more in a few years. Therefore, after much debate, we'll be opening up our home to a few of Elizabeth's friends.

Now, I ask freaking awesome are these invitations??? Putting them in the mail tomorrow...