Tuesday, February 9, 2010

4-Year Check Up

Yesterday we took Elizabeth back for her follow-up at the audiologist and Dr. Chris, her ENT. The audiologist said that her hearing had improved by about 25% - up to the "normal levels." No excuses for her in not being able to hear us when we tell her to clean up her playroom or to stop jumping/climbing on something. Dr. Chris said that she looked "perfect!" (I really like him!) He said that her throat healed well and that her tubes were in and looked good. He said that whatever we are doing to keep her ears dry was working (plugs when she bathes!) We go back on February 22nd for the fitting for her swim plugs. She goes back to either Dr. Chris or Dr. Ruben (her pediatrician) in 6 months to check on the tubes.

Today was Elizabeth's annual check-up. Dr. Ruben said she looks great! We are to put her back on the Zyrtec once a day (1 teaspoon) for treatment for seasonal allergies. (We're so fortunate that she loves to take medicine!) She got her H1N1 shot -- and she'll go back in a month for the second H1N1 shot. She also got the seasonal flu shot as well as 4 other vaccines. That was 6 shots, 3 in each arm, 2 at a time.

She doesn't like doctors any more. Paging Dr. Jeff Wilt -- please help dispel her thoughts that doctors aren't very nice!

Elizabeth has grown 3-1/2 inches since last year -- she's now 42". (That puts her in the 90-95th percentile for height for her age.)

Elizabeth has gained 5 pounds since last year -- she weighs 36 pounds. She didn't lose any weight with the surgery. (She's in the 50th-60th percentile for weight for her age.)

Her weight for height percentile is 10th-25th. So, in other words, she's tall and skinny - but you would have to be blind to not determine that for yourself!

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