Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Funnies

A few funnies for this very busy Friday. (I'm so torn, do I watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies or the WVU v. Pitt basketball game??? Olympics - live, WVU is I will have my cake & eat it too!)

Last night at the West Liberty basketball game, Elizabeth was enjoying a bit too much of her Valentine's candy when she thought it was a good idea to start sassing me. She was completely hopped, too, from having the Valentine's "celebration" at daycare. (She insisted it was going to be a celebration and NOT a party!) So she is sassing me and wagging her finger at me like Dikembe Mutombo as he blocked a shot...which, as you could imagine didn't go over really well with me. I told her to stop it and to, "Put that finger away." She replied, "But I don't have a pocket for it."

During the second half of the game as she was yelling for her favorite player, John Wolosinczuk, "Come on - boyfriend!"

On the ride home I asked her where she wanted to go to school - did she want to go to Wesleyan where Mommy went? Or to Fairmont where Daddy went? Or West Liberty? Or to WVU where both Mommy & Daddy went? Elizabeth said that she wanted to go to West Liberty and she wanted to play basketball AND football. "Football?" I asked. "Yeah, because I want to be a champion!"

She fell asleep this evening before the really good stuff on the Olympic Opening Ceremonies -- at 8:30 she was "Sleepy Time Down South" so the joke might actually be on me in the middle of the night!