Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Elizabeth Funnies...

Still playing catch-up...but here are a few funnies from my funny girl, Elizabeth:

"Holy smokes guacamole!" (We're not sure what guacamole has to do with anything, other than we do love to eat Mexican food!)

Speaking of eating Mexican food...a month or so before I had Cate, the three of us went to the Mexican restaurant at the Highlands to celebrate E getting a good report from our parent-teacher conference. The person in the booth behind us was most annoying -- continually moving the seat (there was literally no room between my "big huge belly" and the table!) Every minute or so, he would move the seat. I seriously thought it was a kid, a bit older than Elizabeth, whose parents were just so tired at the annoying little brat they didn't care that he was pestering the people behind their booth - so long as he wasn't pestering them at the moment... After 10+ minutes of this, Elizabeth had all she could take. She squeezed as much of her face between the bench and the wall (which wasn't very much) and yelled to the booth behind us, "Stop it you lazy sack!"

Five days after I had Cate Elizabeth asked me, "Mommy, why is your belly still spongy?"
Me: "Because it used to be out to here" (hand gesturing the place where my stomach used to be)
Grandma: "Because the muscles in Mommy's belly were stretched out and it takes a while for them to get back into shape."
Elizabeth: "Mommy, you need to exercise! Do it now! Do it now!"

As Cate was lying on her Daddy's chest (he was fully clothed, mind you), Elizabeth inquires, "Daddy, are you feeding her from your boobies?"

Elizabeth asked for my autograph and after I signed the paper (in the crayon that she provided), she whispered in my ear, "Mommy, I'm a really big fan of you!"

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