Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Now I know my ABCs...

Now I know my ABCs, next time won't you sing with me?

Last night when Elizabeth & Reid were talking on the phone, she sang her ABCs all the way through - without any assistance! Reid & I were both "there" to witness this major achievement, even though Reid was unfortunately not physically with Elizabeth to give her a huge hug after she sang the ABC song.

When E was talking with Reid on the phone she said, "Daddy I miss you." And then (as if she couldn't get any cuter she said) "Daddy I give you a hug" while she was hugging herself a-la Potsy on Happy Days making out with a girl. It was just too precioius!!!

As has not been uncommon while Reid is away, Elizabeth wakes up in the middle of the night (2-3 AM) and refuses to go back to sleep without being pulled into the big bed with Kennedy and me. When I jump in the shower, I put her back in her crib for those last few minutes of her sleep. She must have dreamed last night that we were all one cozy little group in our bed. When she woke up this morning she asked where Daddy was (also not uncommon since Reid has been in Wheeling.) I told her as I do every morning that he isn't home, he's working. She said, "No he was right there sleeping" (pointing to his spotin the bed.) I said, no he was in Wheeling working (not wanting to confuse her that he was in Charleston working, but anyway...) Then Kennedy moved on the bed to Reid's spot and she screamed, "No, Kennedy! No! Daddy's bed." Then when I had her on the bed getting her dressed, she kept looking under the covers for her Daddy. When it finally sank in that he wasn't at home with us last night she cried - and was generally a cry baby until some time after I dropped her off at Nana's & Papa's.

I heart her so (and miss my Sweetness!!!)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Baby Owen Schmitt's Mid-Winter Visit

I know I may be a bit partial, but my newphew is pretty darned cute! I call him Baby Owen Schmitt these days - because I think he may very well be on his way to Owen Schmitt's size. Alex just turned 9 months old...and he weighs 24 pounds. Elizabeth, on the other hand, is 2 years, 1 week old...and she weighs 25 pounds. Not to mention she has several inches on him!

Alex is doing the cutest flirty thing. When you make good eye contact with him, he'll squint his eyes - pretty much his whole face gets scrunched up - and it just makes you giggle.

He enjoyed the exersaucer at Grandma & Papi's. Not to be outdone by Ali, Elizabeth wanted to get in the exersaucer too. She figured that she was too big when she was completely hanging out of every part of the exersaucer. Kids are funny!

Papi gave Elizabeth her first lesson in making biscuits. She was "helping" him cut the biscuits. She also did some quality control sampling of the dough. It was fun to watch the two of them together. Not to mention, it was fun to eat Papi's yummy biscuits!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Addicted to TV

I think I'm addicted to TV more than ever recently. With the 1.5 hours separating Reid & me for the time being, I'll watch all sorts of things...and half way enjoy it. Like earlier this evening, I didn't mind watching Little Einsteins (the same episode for what seemed like the millionth time) because that's what Weezie wanted to watch. I am even taping a Tigger & Pooh episode tomorrow for her because she requested to watch Pooh this evening and I didn't have any recorded on the DVR. We can't have her thinking that the entire world doesn't revolve around her now can we?

Anyway, back to my addiction. It's sad, truly. I don't enjoy Boston Legal as much without Reid around to giggle at Denny Crane. Ditto with The Family Guy...

But without Reid here, I have gotten quite hooked on Project Runway. (As I'm sure this is a show that Reid would completely not get into...I did get him hooked on Top Chef last season.)
Anyway...I was rewatching a few episodes as I was playing on the ' it just me, or does Ricky, with those stupid hats, look an awful lot like Mr. Slave? (And what must his terrible taste in head-gear say about his fashion capabilities???)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Famous Amoses

How is one supposed to compete? First, I married "The Voice." He is now on TV during West Liberty's home games. Now I have this:

On our way home from the Pink Ladies meeting last Tuesday (sorry, I've been a bit lazy about Blogging recently), around 8:30 at night, while waiting to make a left-hand turn onto Benoni Ave - near the bowling alley - from the dark confines of the backseat, Elizabeth exclaims, "Look! Mommy - look! Nana! Bezeth!" ("Bezeth" is how Elizabeth says her name.) So I look over my right shoulder at Elizabeth thinking how sweet she is - and how much she is becoming a little girl with her expanding imagination. I figure she has dreamed up or remembered something fun from earlier in the day with Nana. She tells me again, "Look, Mommy! Nana! Bezeth!" This time she is pointing ahead. I figure the few cars I have been waiting for have passed and I can now head on home via Benoni Ave when I catch up with my 2-year old. What she has been pointing to is the Go Red billboard where Nana and Bezeth are right smack dab in the middle (albeit next to the bra-less Cheri, but right up there nonetheless!)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Traveling Poodle

Thanks to my BFF Kristin, Travelocity's traveling gnome has nothing on the Mortons. Try to top a traveling bound and gagged nasty cheap ceramic poodle! I dare you!

Thanks, my dearest Chicken Noodle, you've made my day by taking the poodle to the British Museum for a photo op! And thanks to the coolest aunt ever, Cathy, for first depositing the bound and gagged nasty cheap ceramic poodle on my pillow one night several years ago when I was home for a visit - as always, I worship the quicksand you walk on!