Thursday, April 22, 2010

Playing Catch Up

For starters, I'm still damn proud to be a Mountaineer! Last week, Da'Sean Butler threw out the opening pitch at a Little League baseball game in Bridgeport and then stuck around to sign autographs. How cool is that?

In addition to work, which has been crazy...and Reid's schedule, which has also been crazy...and Elizabeth, who is growing like a weed and today (while Daddy was at a work function) had a crazy meltdown...we've been good. Busy, but good. I'm also trying to pick up some more skills on PhotoShop -- just in time for Alex's 3rd birthday party invitations.

I held my annual Champions Dinner this year on the Saturday of the Masters. Seriously, one of the best meals that I have ever made for the Champions Dinner. And, unlike Phil's 1st dinner (sooooo excited he won, BTW!!!) of the lobster ravioli, I didn't have to spend the entire day in the kitchen making the meal, which meant I actually tasted it and liked it! We were happy to have Johnny Lynch, Eric & Leigh Bovaird as guests this year. Unfortunately the Martins had to cancel out, but we're looking forward to them joining us next year... Anyway, here is what I served from 2009 Champion Angel Cabrera's menu:

Speaking of the Martins, it's so great that P.J., Jason, John Patrick, and Jackson have moved back to WV...and are practically our neighbors! John Patrick and Weezie get along famously; and we're looking forward to getting to introduce them all to the Koeglers -- long over-due for that! Tomorrow night P.J., Jason, Reid, & I will be going to the Wheeling Symphony for the "Music of Champions."

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