Sunday, May 29, 2011

Alex's Birthday Party!

Alex was thrilled with his birthday party, much to my delight. Even better was how easy it was do make his yummy cake (not counting that I "cheated" and used a box mix...the cake part could have been better, and would have been had I not be cheating, but my icing is scrumptious...makes me want to whip up some more right now just to have a sweet snack!

So, it was a white cake with buttercream frosting, you can never go wrong with buttercream!

When packing to go to Mom & Daddy's you would have thought this was my first time making a cake at their house...totally forgot my off set spatula, which I can't do a cake without. (You might have also thought I was raised by wolves as there was no such thing to be found in their off to the "outlets" in Flatwoods Reid & I went to buy a completely over-priced and not great quality for the price off-set spatula at the Corning Ware Outlet. What a racket!)

I was also quite fortunate that Mom had a Fiestaware pizza plate, as I neglected to pack mine. The track was part of our gift to Alex...the decor on the cake was all just piped on with round tips -- except the leaves of the trees that were done with a star tip. The Thomas toys are bath toys (also part of our gift to Alex, but not nearly as cool as the Star Wars gun that E picked out for her "red headed boy, Alex".) I don't know what I was thinking after doing the tunnel and then starting with the trees on the left, I got about half way around and then I came back to the tunnel and went to the right...when I got to the back, my spacing was I solved this with a little Alpha Gam tribute -- Skiourrous!

The rest of the train cars were frosted brownies on top of chocolate graham crackers. The wheels are M&Ms...then the cars were "carrying" a variety of treats - Runts, Mike & Ike's, etc. I thought it would be cute to have one of the train cars carrying some Star Wars action figures, so I bought the Star Wars gummy snacks at Kroger. My plan was foiled when Anne opened the Star Wars package to find that rather than the Star Wars gummies, it contained Curious George! Good thing this wasn't a Star Wars themed event!

The boy got all sorts of clothes and other goodies -- and then over-the-top fun from the Wine family (his John Deere gator)!

With all of the partying Cate was just worn out...This picture is what I refer to as the "Always a Padawan, never a Jedi". Too darned cute!!!

And, as a bonus, when you Google "Padawan" to make sure you are spelling it correctly, you could, just like me, stumble upon "Wookiepedia," the Star Wars Wiki. Good grief!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dear Alex!

I don't know which is sweeter...this birthday party invite (thankyouverymuch!) or my adorable nephew who has turned 4 today. I think I'll go with the latter.

If you think these invites are cute - just wait until I get to the party stuff. (Note to self: Get crap together for your nephew's birthday party -- you only have 3 working days...)

I love you, Alley Cat! Happy 4th Birthday!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pre-K Graduate! baby has graduated -- from Pre-K.

We were most fortunate that Nana was able to come up to enjoy the ceremony!

Elizabeth did an outstanding job singing the 4 songs -- not just being a proud Mama, but she could be heard and many of the other kids were watching her for the arm motions. Unfortunately for me, I've had the "Tony knows how much I love you..." tune in my head...

She was in a near sprint to get her diploma when her name was called...quite the determined walk!

I can't believe she'll be in Kindergarten in the fall!!! Time flies!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pre-K Graduation Reprimand

At Pre-K graduation practice earlier today I got in trouble for attempting to do a little work and stay on top of my emails during this hectic time of year. While I am typing away on my phone from the back of the room thinking I'm being quite inconspicuous, from the front of the church Elizabeth yells, "Maaaawwwwwmmmm! You're supposed to be paying attention to me and not your phone! Eyes straight ahead!"

I can't really argue with her...even though this graduation, complete with its Jostens caps and gowns may be a bit much (and a racket for Jostens!) This is really important to her...and a sign of how quickly she is growing up!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Red Chief Rides Again...

Being a 'single' parent this week while Reid is away, I let Elizabeth have chocolate cake for breakfast on Sunday -- of course while singing a la Bill Cosby, "Mom is great! Givin' us chocolate cake!"

After dinner this evening, Elizabeth asked for chocolate cake for dessert. Since she'd eaten well, I obliged. She starts singing my take on the Cosby song, "Mom is great! Givin' us chocolate cake!"

Then she turns to Cate and sings, "Cate is great! Drinkin' her boobie milk!"


Kennedy briefly walked on the blanket I have on the floor in the living room for Cate to roll around on since we have hard-wood floors...and this is what I hear from Miss Bossy Pants, "Grrrrrr! That makes me so mad!" What, I ask. "Kennenny stepping on Cate's blanket. Mom, can I call her a damn dog?"

Ummmmm, no!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lamby = Happiness

Cuddling in bed with the girls while Reid is at the national golf championship just hoping to get them to sleep at a decent hour...

Elizabeth says she wants Cate to have Lamby.

I say no that Lamby is Elizazabeth's and she is sooooo special.

Elizabeth says, "But I want her to have happiness."

I've assured E that Cate has plenty, plenty of sweet things to "silk" that will make her happy when she gets bigger...

This picture was taken in September while we were at the Homestead for Rikki & Doug's wedding. Elizabeth squealed with delight as she saw how the housekeeping staff took such special care of Lamby when they made up the room.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cate Update!

April 1st - No foolin' - Cate is pretty consistently sleeping through the night! (Now, run - no, sprint to knock on as much wood as you can find! Seriously.)

April 13th - Rolly-poly Cate is exactly 19 weeks old...and rolled for the first time!

April 16th - Stinky cereal - Big sister, Elizabeth gets to feed Cate her first bites of cereal, and Cate did pretty well...subsequent days, not so much.

April 17th - Cate has an upper respiratory infection and has been put on a breathing treatment similar to what they do for babies with asthma. So when she has to do her breathing treatments from the nubulizer, we call it the "Willie Nelson Treatment."

April 30th - Look Ma, I have hands! She's really staring at her hands these days.

May 8th - Toes are not only fun for grabbing, but for sucking, too! (Clarification - HERS, not mine!!! Feet other than hers still pretty much creep me out!)

Monday, May 9, 2011


According to Elizabeth's teacher, Miss Jenn, Elizabeth has a new game. She like to play, "Copper." When Miss Jenn asked her how do you play "Copper." E replied, "You know like a police man..."

So apparently "Copper" is more like Elizabeth not actually playing at the playground but patrolling the playground for violations. Then she will tattle to Miss Jenn on any of the perps.

So why is it that I have the following image in my head?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Elizabeth has declared that it is "St. Mother's Day," and isn't that most appropriate?

Reid fixed me a waffle with strawberries and whipped cream. Delicious! Let's not forget about the waffle that never was...

I'm a very lucky girl (not just to have two fabulously beautiful daughters and a sweet husband), but that I dodged eating that waffle! :-)