Monday, August 27, 2007

Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!

Wow! Was this weekend hot of what???

The WV Pete Dye Classic was fun to work...and we enjoyed Erin staying with us (so she didn't have to do the extra drive in the morning or evenings to Motown.) According to Elizabeth, "Erin" and "Anne" sound very similar.

We had about as much fun as we cared to in the 97 degree heat with 97% humidity. Blech!

Where was Elizabeth's sprinkler ball when we needed it on the course???

Here are some other cute pictures from our last trip to Mom/Grandma's & Daddy/Papi's:

E's first taste of corn on the cob (garden fresh, no less!) Yummy! Poor Reid had to share...

Elizabeth getting a "ride" from Papi. She loved getting to be pushed around in the wheel barrow. When that didn't suit her anymore, she thought she could trade places with Papi.

Giving a sweet kiss to "Ali," her baby cousin, Alex!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007

Something to talk about

Elizabeth's vocabulary is increasing with each passing day. It is really exciting to witness her picking up new words. Here are some of the latest words she's using frequently:

  • "Shaw" - for Uncle Sean (this is especially pleasant when she says it during Alex's baptism Mass - with a mouth full of Cheese Nips - sorry if she got any of those in your hair, Jane!)
  • turtle
  • duck (sadly, she's not quacking as much)
  • golf - she even pointed to the picture of Tiger Woods in the newspaper on Sunday morning and told her Uncle Sean, "golf"
  • see - she says this after you take her picture as she is running to "see" the digital image on the back of the camera display
  • sit - not that she does much sitting herself, but she was telling a baby doll at Grandma's & Papi's this weekend, "You sit!"
  • monkey
  • tiger
  • bear
  • oh my - she said this at Grandma's & Papi's this weekend, too...after I moved most of her toys from the living room to Anne's bedroom...when she came into Anne's bedroom to get a diaper change, she spied her toys and said, "Oh my!"
  • puppy & dog
  • "hep" - for "help"
  • "peas" - with sign for "please"

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pearly Whites

Elizabeth was slower than average to cut teeth. It didn't bother me because I loved the toothless grin until she sprouted her first teeth. But it seems, until this week, we had been stuck on 7. Four uppers and 3 bottom teeth (the lateral incisor on the right side was the "missing" bottom tooth.)

On Thursday, Reid & Nana spied the right bottom first molar. Today, Grandma & I spied the two upper first molars and the bottom right lateral incisor. She still has not shown signs of getting the bottom or upper cuspids. (I've also heard them referred to as the "eye teeth" - not sure where that comes from.)

Fortunately, she has gotten all of these teeth with no fuss - just lots of chewing (kind of like Kennedy when she was teething...)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It's about time...

It's about time my DH's alma mater did something right...

Congratulations to the new athletic director, Rusty Elliott, and the interim head football coach, Mike Lopez. Read more about it on their athletics website:!

We're doing the happy dance in the Amos household!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

E's still charting as tall! Yea!

Elizabeth had her 18 month old appointment today. It was scheduled later in the day than what we've done in the past - won't do that again. She was ready for a nap and was unusually cranky.

She's in the 75th percentile in all areas (height, weight, and head circumference). One of the items they asked in checking for her progress was whether or not she said at least 6 words other than "Mama" and "Daddy." Ummmm affirmative - she says & signs 7...and is chattering away...

Her growth record from previous visits:

Birth - 7 lbs, 4 oz. - 19 1/2"
1 month - 9 lbs - 21 1/2"
2 months - 11 lbs, 2 oz. - 22 3/4"
4 months - 14 lbs, 11 oz. - 24 1/2"
6 months - 17 lbs., 13 oz. - 27"
9 months - 20 lbs., 6 oz. - 29"
12 months - 21 lbs., 9 oz. - 29 1/4"
15 months - 23 lbs., 4 oz. - 31 1/2"
18 months - 24 lbs, 14 oz. - 32 1/4"