Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

OK, so I guess this will be my new post every two months, not too shabby ;-)

Elizabeth has been moved up to the Pre-K room for the summer, despite Pre-K not starting until this fall. Yesterday she came home with a decorated rock that has a sign on it that says, "My Daddy Rocks!" It will be a lovely, sparkly paper weight for his office! She also brought home a card that she made for him (with the help from one of her teachers who filled in the blanks as dictated by Elizabeth):

"My Daddy Is the BEST Because...

My Daddy is as handsome as an elephant.
My Daddy is as tall as Hans.
My Daddy looks silly when she shaves his face.
My Daddy is as strong as a wrestler.
He is so strong he can even lift me.
My Daddy's favorite food is corn.
My Daddy's favorite thing to do is pat me when I'm asleep.
My Daddy's favorite sport or team is Basketball - WVU.
When my Daddy is little he was a football player.
I think my Daddy is so funny when he tickles me & makes funny faces.
I know my Daddy loves me because he takes me places like everywhere - Oglebay, golf.
I wish my Daddy could do golfing with me every day.
My FAVORITE THING about my Daddy is playing golf with him.
I wouldn't even trade my Daddy for a real horse.

Happy Fathers Day 2010!!!


Carol said...

That is more precious than golf and a real horse! I'm guessing he will take her to the course today. Happy Father's Day, Son. Nothing could be better than that.

Paula said...

That was so sweet...