Friday, December 24, 2010

The Elf RULES!

Seriously, the Elf rules!!! And not just the Elf on the "Mimi" that's what Elizabeth named our Elf on the Shelf rules! Elizabeth took such delight each morning in locating Mimi in her new hiding place. And we took such delight in getting better behavior out of Elizabeth by threatening her with, "Do you want Mimi to have to tell Santa ___?"

Once again, our best neighbor ever, Marie (and Jim) Ritz spoiled Elizabeth (and us!) with the hanging of the stocking on the back door beginning on December 1st -- and putting presents in it each day until Christmas:

  1. Water color book with brushes for E; "The Autobiography of Santa Claus" book for Reid & Me (to eventually share with our girls)
  2. Santa placemat
  3. Hot chocolate
  4. e ornament
  5. Pink hoodie jacket
  6. Chapstick (Hershey & Jolly Rancher flavors)
  7. Candy cane with hard candy in it for E; c ornament for Cate
  8. Santa coloring book
  9. Barbie nail polish
  10. Orange and cookies & cream candy
  11. Disney princess stick on earrings and rings (1 for each day of the week!)
  12. Dr. Seuss - Big Blue Book of Beginner Books (6 books in 1)
  13. Merry Christmas bulb ornament with a Santa hat on it
  14. Pencil with eraser (like a wand)
  15. Tootsie rolls (in a bank) and $1
  16. Magic growing clown fish egg
  17. Glitter heart tattoos
  18. Department 56 snowman snack set (cup and plate)
  19. Snowman white chocolate suckers
  20. The Lorax card game
  21. Santa tissues
  22. Flute horn
  23. Princess magic water color paint book
  24. Wooden top (toy) and Teddy Grahams
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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