Monday, September 17, 2007

I can say Grandma!

Elizabeth & I had quite the exciting trip home to see Mom/Grandma & Daddy/Papi!

After nearly 20 months, Elizabeth said "Grandma!" Yea!!! Here's how it went down Saturday afternoon:

Scene: Grandma & Elizabeth playing with flashcards.
Grandma (holding a card with an umbrella): What's this?
Elizabeth: um-bella
Grandma: If you can say umbrella, then you can say Grandma. Say Grand-ma.
Grandma & Elizabeth go through a few more cards...
Grandma: Say Grand-ma.
Elizabeth: Gam-ma.

Hip hip - Hooray!

On Saturday evening, Elizabeth fell off of her tricycle...into the corner of the china cabinet!!! Her first boo-hoo boo-boo! (Believe it or not, I was washing dishes at the time!) At first, her noggin was indented but it didn't take long for the goose-egg to pop up on her forehead. She is quite the Morton tough girl - she didn't cry that long (for something that had to hurt like the dickens!) I couldn't really get a good picture of the boo-boo until she went to sleep.

Sunday, she was a real treat to all in attendance at Mass. It is the first time since her baptism that she had to be taken out of the church. All I heard when we were outside was "Gam-ma. Gam-ma. Gam-ma." Little stinker.

The tricycle was forgiven and she got back on it later yesterday evening. Cute picture of Elizabeth during her evening ride - despite the boo-boo (which had little/no swelling on Sunday, just bruising and the scab.)

Bonus Update - I have received 2 phone calls today from Nana...E has gone twice in the potty. Any guesses as to what I'll be swinging by Target to get this evening??? Can we say, "unprepared"??? Man, I am never going to get Mother of the Year! How is it that while I am continuously shopping I seem to miss the obvious things??? Don't get me wrong, I don't think we'll be fully potty trained for some time to come...I just wouldn't want her to ask for it and me not to be prepared...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Weekend - Virginia Beach

Labor Day weekend (yes, I'm behind on my postings, get over it!) Reid, Elizabeth, & I went to Virginia Beach - stayed with Steve, Jessica, & Grace. We had a FABOO time!!! Steve & Jess were soooo good to us...and I must still get the recipe (still working on the Morton Family Cookbook) for the cheesy potatoes that Jess made - delish! (I have been able to successfully replicate the shrimp with cheese tortellini recipe - E loved it again! She didn't inhale 3 servings of mine like she did Jess's, but liked it a lot!)

Here are a few pictures from just a few of the funny moments:

Elizabeth found Grace's Barbie collection...and borrowed a chair. She thought she could sit in it...and we all nearly lost it! Too funny!!!
Grace has this great Barbie battery operated car. (No worries, Elizabeth still isn't that interested in Barbie - maybe I can avoid this completely!) Anyway, Grace was so good to give Elizabeth a ride around the street. I think E could have spent half the day in there...but good for Grace that she didn't expect to be driven around all afternoon. Reid & I took Grace & Elizabeth to the beach. Grace is really swimming quite well! Naturally, this was Elizabeth's first trip to the beach. She enjoyed it - despite not having taken a nap. She LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the sand. I think she would have spent all day just digging in the sand if we would have been game for that. She liked the tide washing up on her feet, but certainly did not like her feet getting buried. Although she loves the pool (even pointed to the ocean and said, "pool", she wasn't really wanting to go out into God's pool. Maybe this was lack of sleep, maybe this was just good enough judgement on her part that she can't swim well enough to swim with the fishes.) Elizabeth had her first summer fling with a cute boy - younger than her, just like she likes them!

We can't wait to get back to the beach...and to see Steve, Jess, & Grace again.

Thanks for the great time!!!

Kennedy update

Kennedy has received a clean bill of health! Yeah!!!

The "thing" was an epulis. You can read more about what in the heck an epulis is here: Hers would be the "fibromatous" kind. She could potentially get another one...but all is well!

Woo Hoo!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Kennedy's ordeal...

The last time Reid & I were at Mom & Daddy's, Reid noticed this "thing" in Kennedy's mouth. We got her to the doctor as soon as we could.

Reid poked fun of me because, although the doctor said that Kennedy was in good health (dropped a few pounds even!), I focused on other things he said. He said that she had a slight heart murmur...and that she would need her teeth cleaned (especially since they would have to put her under anesthesia to remove the "thing"), and he called the "thing" (and I quote) "interesting." (It was attached only to the gum, not also connected to a tooth.)

You don't like hearing the word "interesting" to describe some abnormal growth.

Still Reid continued to poke fun at me. I continued to remind him Kennedy had been in my life longer than he had. (It didn't stop the poking.)

On Tuesday, the "interesting" thing was removed with great success. The doctor said once he was able to get Kennedy asleep and to get a better look at this "interesting" thing, it was an easy removal. She only got two stitches as a result. She got her teeth cleaned, too, and they are sparkling! We still have to await the results of whether or not this "interesting" thing is benign or not...but all is looking up!

Thursday, September 6, 2007


This is one SWEET website to get geeked out on Mountaineer stats! Just had to share!

Let's Goooooo Mountaineers!