Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Clap Is Not a Dance!

Elizabeth cracks me up! Well, that...and I am really to the point where I need to watch what I say around her. (Not to mention needing to put a muzzle on "Uncle Jake" when he comes to visit - Aye-yi-yi!)

Anyway, this morning when I was getting Elizabeth into the car for the drive to Nana's & Papa's house, I got a wee bit clumsy. Not to say that I threw her in her carseat, but I have put her in it much more gently on thousands of other occassions.

Upon my plopping Elizabeth into her car seat she said,
"Holy clap, Mommy!"

Naturally, I laughed. Then she said it again and again..."Holy clap. Holy clap. Holy clap."

The novelty of that quickly wore off before she started going through what I refer to as role call: "Where's Daddy?" He's at work. "Where's Kennenny?" She's in the house being a good puppy. "Where's Grandma?" She's at her house with Papi. "Where's Papi?" He's at his house with Grandma. "Where's Nana?" She's at her house with Papa. That's where we're going now. "Where's Papa?" He's at his house with Nana. "Where's Aunt Anne?" She's at her house with Sean & Alex. They live in New York City. "Where's Sean?" He's at his house with Anne & Alex. "Where's Alex?" He's at his house with Anne & Sean. [Need I continue???]

It's like the song that ne-ver ends...Yes it goes on and on my friend...Some people started signing it, not knowing what it was...And they'll continue singing it forever just because...This is the song that ne-ver ends...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

MEDICAL ALERT: Gem (WV) Chicken Bird Flu Virus

So Elizabeth went to Grandma & Papi's this week. Aunt Anne, Sean, and Alex came in from the Big Apple for a visit this week. I took Weezie to Grandma & Papi's on Tuesday afternoon. I came back to the friendly city of Fairmont on Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday was to be Elizabeth's big day on the farm at Grandma & Grandad Wine's in Gem (WV). Anne, Sean, and Alex came to Grandma & Papi's to get her. They played at the farm for a bit...and then it hit - the Gem Chicken Bird Flu Virus.

Elizabeth got sick...on the throw rug at the Wines...then in the bathroom as Anne was cleaning her up. Then later that evening at Grandma & Papi's - nasty, nasty sick during the night (requiring a bath in her somewhat sleep induced state.) Then again a couple more times while she was in bed with Grandma (as her pack-n-play was left uninhabitable for the night while "stuff" was in the washer/dryer.)

She bounced back rather well on Friday. Got to go back to the Wines' farm - played in the creek, drove a tractor (that wasn't on), played with Alex's swing, fetched an egg from the chickens' house - a complete farm girl for the day. Then it hit - Grandma was struck with the Gem Chicken Bird Flu Virus...then Papi. Anne went to Grandma & Papi's to collect Elizabeth so Grandma & Papi didn't have to worry about a 2-year-old while being sick. Reid & I went to the Wines' Friday evening and spent the night. Then it hit - Alex got sick in the middle of the night.

On Saturday at Grandma & Papi's (Grandma was still feeling the effects of the Gem Chicken Bird Flu Virus), we didn't stay long - trying not to catch whatever in the heck bug they have all been stricken with. Hoping Anne & Sean and all of the Wines can keep from getting it, too!
Alex took his first independent steps - at 11 months! He's so big. It's too much fun watching E & Ali together!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Check out my newly acquired mad skills

I'm going to toot a bit loudly here, so consider yourself warned...

Check out my newly acquired "mad" Photo Shop skills (to heck with my nephew, he knows he is cute...look at meeeeee - and what I have created, besides a monster!):

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dancin' Dancin' Dan-cin'!

I couldn't get to my camera quick enough yesterday - I would have totally interrupted the moment. I need to just set up some camcorders to truly make every moment of Elizabeth's life captured on film. Darn it! I'll do my best to explain what Grandma & I witnessed first hand.

It started with Elizabeth spying her TMX Elmo in her toy box. Until last evening, she has wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with the TMX Elmo. I pulled TMX Elmo out of the toy box and put him on the floor. I pushed his stomach and he did his shaking, laughing, and somewhat creepy thrashing thing. Elizabeth jumped up on the couch as he thrashed about, but giggled - a first that she hasn't just pointed at him and shouted, "No Elmo! No!" When he was done, she wanted to see him do his thing again. We would take turns pushing the button on his foot and every time she would run up and sit next to me on the couch while he thrashed about - a safe distance away.

At some point, she noticed that Dancing with the Stars was on while we were waiting for the tip of the NCAA National Championship. She picked up her TMX Elmo by the hands/paws and like the couple that was dancing at the moment, she began doing the Viennese Waltz in really rather good time with the music - Elizabeth and Elmo hand-in-hand turning round and round. They stopped when the music stopped. The couple kissed at the end of their dance - as did Elizabeth and Elmo. Then Elizabeth stood, with Elmo by her side, her arm around him, facing the TV and awaiting their scores. They did quite well. 10's across the board.

Perhaps I am too addicted to the TV...

What's Cookin???

I've been hearing the wonderful tune of The Masters (the music CBS runs for The Masters TV coverage) for several weeks now - always music to my ears.

I must admit I was a little disappointed this year with The Masters website that there are no quizzes. Bummer - I usually do respectably well.

Today is the Champions Dinner. I've been searching for what 2007 champion Zach Johnson will be serving to his fellow fraternity members tonight as this means I need to be making preparations of my own for my traditional Champions Dinner later this week (I do my best effort to replicate the Champions Dinner menu while we, and perhaps some friends, watch The Masters coverage.)

So, I ask this question: What if you won the coveted green jacket? (I'm sure members of Augusta National would first have to bend the rules to let me even play, but it's their course - their rules...I've got no beef with that.) What would you serve to the past champions - Jack, Arnie, Faldo, Player, Tiger, Phil - what would you serve them???

Still on the topic of golf...a hearty congratulations to Will, Justin, & "Booty"!!! Fantastic news from the WVIAC that these 3 Falcon golfers were named to the 2007-2008 1st Team All-WVIAC (Justin the only repeat performer from last season!) Here's the breakdown from the WVIAC:

2007-08 All-WVIAC Golf 1st Team:
Justin Caroli (Fairmont State, Sr., Bridgeport, WV)
Matt Hicks (West Liberty State, Sr., Sissonville, WV)
Will Gautreau (Fairmont State, Sr., Niagara, ONT)
Stephen Maynard (Charleston, Sr., Waterbury Center, VT)
Paul Raines (Ohio Valley, Soph., London, ENG)
Zach Rudy (Fairmont State, Jr., Fairmont, WV)
Scott Smith (West Liberty State, Sr., Morgantown, WV

Monday, April 7, 2008

What a girl wants, what a girl needs...

In Elizabeth's case, "What a girl wants, what a girl needs" are one in the same.

This evening Elizabeth climbed up on the couch next to me and declared, "I need ice cream" (pronounced very nasally i-cream). To which I, naively attempted to teach a 2 year old the difference between "wants" and "needs" when I inquired, "Elizabeth do you NEED ice cream or (doing sign language for all of this to help emphasize my point) or do you WANT ice cream?"

Elizabeth replied (also utilizing her sign language skills), "I need want i-cream, Mommy!"

Grandma & I have had quite the laugh over this. I figure I had this one coming...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Which way did he go?

I love my new GPS...and Reid is quite excited that I will be able to leave the house (once I am in Wheeling) without having to drop bread crumbs. I highly recommend.

Yesterday on the AM drive to Nana's & Papa's - I hear my little backseat driver, who has been quite interested in the GPS unit herself - telling me, "Go this way Mommy."

Glad I have the GPS as Elizabeth appears to be about as directionally impaired as me - she was pointed me completely in the wrong direction!