Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Weezie's sick...

On Friday I went to Indiana, PA, to watch WSLC's women's basketball team in the NCAA East Regional Tourney. They didn't play particularly well and lost to Shepherd. Reid was contracted by Shepherd to broadcast the WLSC v. Shepherd game on Friday (nothing like getting paid extra for a game you'll already be broadcasting!) and to also broadcast any subsequent games in which Shepherd might play.

I got my broadcasting debut (aside from my spectacular work on the State Farm and USA Steak Buffet spots of a couple of years ago - still shocked that ESPN didn't come calling after that work to have me fill in for Robin Roberts calling the hoop action after she took the full time desk job at Good Morning America...but I digress)...I got my broadcasting debut as Reid's color bunny on the Shepherd v. Mount Olive game on Saturday. If you didn't get the email from Reid in time to tune in, you missed the opportunity of a lifetime to listen to a perfect job by yours truly - insightful, spot-on, witty (but not too witty), timely, you name it, broadcast. Actually, I was serviceable at best, but had a good time on the broadcast.

While we were on our way out of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (and not a moment too soon, I might add), Nana called with the bad news that Elizabeth had been sick. She was running a fever...

Must have been a stomach bug of some sort because, although she was lethargic on Sunday, and still a bit so on Monday, she seems to be just fine right now. Nana appears to have recovered as well (not to say that she had the same bug...but playing Florence Nightingale to a toddler that seldom complains is quite taxing.)

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