Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter 2008

Elizabeth is now an expert egg colorer. Per my post of last week, she got off to a fabulous start thanks to weeks of prepping at Camp Nana. By the time Elizabeth & Caylin were coloring eggs, she was an old pro. So much so that on a few occasions Erin had to step in as the substitute colorer when Elizabeth got down to run around.

It was really fun watching Elizabeth & Caylin play together. Caylin can dish out some serious attitude when provoked, but she is so good with Elizabeth - very patient, good to share, very loving...but there is no doubt about who is in charge.

I made a sugar cookie dough earlier in the week and took it to Aunt Cathy's for some sweet treats. I would roll out the dough and Erin & Caylin would cut out the cookies. (Caylin still needs to learn the value of cutting from the edge first...every time she went straight for the middle...making us have to roll out a little more than what should have been necessary. You have to learn somehow, though!) After the cookies were all baked, the three "Maries" (Jennie Marie, Erin Marie, & Caylin Marie - the thrid of which cheats at Clue) iced & decorated the cookies. Elizabeth helped herself to the icing that dripped onto the wax paper. That was quite a bit of icing, too, mind you.

From Saturday until today, I have heard E's little voice on more than one occasion saying, "I need cookie, Mommy." Just like when we are in the car and she "needs" 'Ginia.

As usual, I outdid myself in shopping for Elizabeth. Great TJMaxx score again this year for Easter. She & her Cabbage Patch doll wore matching dresses. $15 for both...I think I paid the same for the cardigan as the dress is sleeveless...the Stride Right patten leather shoes were a Gabes score for $7. Damn I'm good!

E really enjoyed the egg hunt on Sunday. She only needed a little help to locate an egg or two. She is so much fun to watch!!!

I am learning some mad skills on PhotoShop (well, mad skills for me at least!) On Sunday I took a couple of pictures of my most adorable nephew, Alex, for his 1st birthday invitations. (That's where those mad PhotoShop skills are going to come in quite handy. I'll post the invite once I've permitted Anne & Sean to make their recommendations (not that this shouldn't be all about me, but...whatever...) I'm not using this pic of Alex for the invite, but thought it was rather cute!

Speaking of which...I'm bummed that the Lady Mountaineers lost in the 2nd Round of the NCAA Tourney, but proud of the strides the team has made during Mike Carey's tenure (not to say that I am surprised...)

Tomorrow's Sweet 16 match up of WVU vs. Xavier - tip off at 7:10 PM. I'm so excited for what the Mountaineers have done this season...and already getting nervous for tomorrow night's game.
Let's Gooooo Mountaineers!

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