Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sounds of Spring

It was strange waking up to the Red Sox on the TV on opening day "@" the Okland A's in the Tokyo Dome...but great to hear the sounds of spring with baseball officially underway. It doesn't hurt that Okajima got a win (6-5 in 10 innings)...and with that the defending World Series Champions are off to a 1-0 start! All is right in the universe - the Sox are leading the AL East.

Have I told you that with the move to Wheeling...we've switched from Dish to DirectTV? I know, you're thinking, "Who cares?" BUT, with the DirectTV package...we're getting NESN (ooooh! So exciting) and the MLB package - high def! Ahhhhh (I think I hear angels singing...)

Go Sox!

(Photo is from today - Manny being Manny celebrates his two-run double in the 10th: Getty Images)

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Paula said...

we tired to get them for the nfl network and we could not get a signal..too bad about the wvu girls...maybe the boys will have better luck on thursday