Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Ultimate How To Guide & Sox Gear (what not to wear)

I've been telling myself for a while now that I want to learn how to knit. I get that I could ask my Aunt Cathy...or my Aunt Sarah to teach me this, but it seems that when I am "home" with the Mortons, we are too busy BSing to stop long enough for me to learn how to knit. Anyway, I stumbled upon this website that is a how to for nearly everything: http://www.quamut.com/. There are pictures with the knitting instructions, but there is all sorts of other good stuff on this site like how to sell you home (something I'll be doing more research on in the coming months), recipes, how to wrap a gift, how to organize your home, information on baseball (if you don't know the basics to MLB stats)...and it's in Wiki format, so if you can contribute your knowledge, all the better. Pretty cool!!!

Now, if you are wanting a sweater wrapped up (Quamut has instructions on wrapping, too) for Christmas next year, I strongly recommend you tell someone to purchase the sweater for you rather than wait for me to learn how to knit one for you...maybe someday though...

I am still "mad to" mlb.com's shop. I don't think I will ever order anything from them again, I recommend you steer clear of them as well if you are interested in actually possessing anything for your favorite MLB team. (Go Sox!) Despite placing an order for items (hats and shirts) of Boston Red Sox goodies for Christmas at least 3 weeks prior to when I needed them, I have still not received the shirt for Mom and the WS hat for Daddy. (When a box arrived at my house two weeks ago, I was all aflutter thinking their stuff had finally arrived. Alas, it was a shirt I ordered for myself, at the same time as their orders and Reid's hat and Anne's Manny shirt that arrived in time for Christmas - barely...anyway, I got my shirt that I ordered for myself so that I could save a sum total of $5 and get free S&H.) MLB's online shop sucks out loud - purchase elsewhere!!!

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