Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The One With The Favors

Would you take a freakin' look at what arrived in the mail on Tuesday...the first post-2nd-birthday-party-day that the mail ran.

Not that I am peeved about this or anything...but here were the perfect cupcake party themed favors. Vanilla cupcake scented bath bombs. Bummer!

Also, Alex will be the lucky recipient of a "good sales score." I tend to be a shopper. I tend call it retail therapy. Most of the time it works out. Like the last time I was in Wheeling, Reid was saying that he wanted some kind of shelving thing for the bathroom. When I was looking in the attic for things a little bit ago to send up with Erin tomorrow night, what did I find but a small little bathroom shelf made just for that purpose. I got it at Target on clearance...more than a year ago. It was a good deal and you never know when you are going to need something like that.

But back to Alex...and the attic which is fill with all sorts of stuff. I just stumbled upon two onesies (one plain red, the other one Alex probably wouldn't want...unless Anne & Sean become very adept at Photo Shop to change the coloring of the lavender and hot pink stripes) and a pair of jeans - all size 18-24 months. Elizabeth could likely wear them...ONCE, but I just don't see the need to wash them for that one time wear. So, lucky Alex will inherit one pair of brand-spanking new jeans and a new red onesie.

What will I learn from this little squirrel my sales scores in a more obvious place.

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The Wine Family said...

Excellent!!!!!! New clothes so my son won't have to go naked!!!!!!