Monday, January 21, 2008

Anyone care for a cupcake?

What a great time we had at Elizabeth's party! She was an absolute angel - and didn't take a nap all day. (She nearly fell asleep drinking her milk at dinner, shortly before 7:00, so Reid & I helped her take a long bath. She held off sleep until just shortly after 9:00...and slept VERY soundly through the night.)

She got so much fun stuff - it's impossible to say if she has even a few favorites. (I can tell you, though, if you are in the market to buy bubbles, Gymboree is the place to go. There were still bubbles on our fireplace screen this morning from yesterday evening.)

The party started at 2:00, typically smack-dab in the middle of Elizabeth's nap time. Guests included: Grandma & Papi, Nana & Papa, Uncle Larry, Mommy's sister in Christ - Erin Jones, and Stephanie & Hayden Jones (no relation to the previous Jones).

We ate some of Elizabeth's favorites (and some things that she keeps trying to eat, but puts back in the container): pizza rolls, mozzarella sticks, cheese, veggies (what she isn't a fan of yet - too much chewing), bagel chips with spinach & artichoke dip, chips, rainbow colored Goldfish crackers (that Erin says look like Kennedy's Kibbles & Bits), lemonade, cupcakes, and ice cream. No one wanted any of the birthday cake that I made from SCRATCH, but no worries, my Martha ego isn't bruised. At least the good folks at AACE are chowing down on it today! Elizabeth completely gets this from my Aunt Cathy, her Aunt Anne, and me - the LOVE of icing...cake is merely the vessel...

Some of Elizabeth's favorite gifts include: Snow White dress up outfit (including hooker shoes and a tiara - very nice!), a cash register and her very own pile of money, the coolest bubbles ever (okay, that might be one of my favorites, too!), her very own digital camera, a Dora tent (that we can't wait to play in at our home in West Liberty!) and Dora's backpack filled with all sorts of fun stuff like Fun Flossers (all right, maybe not ALL of the stuff in the backpack was super cool in Elizabeth's eyes - go here to see and/or purchase a set of these flossers for yourself:, wooden magnetic dress up dolls (like old-school paper dolls) and wooden puzzles, books, Magna Doodles (plural), and a talking vacuum so she can "clean, clean, clean" (at least one of us will be willing to clean!)

Martha Stewart has nothing on me! My Daddy's reaction must mean that I really know how to throw one heck of a party!

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