Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Elizabeth can...

  • Count to 10
  • Scream for 'Ginia - wanting the Pride of West Virginia, the Mountaineer Marching Band CD to play the pregame nonstop while we're in the car
  • blow bubbles in the bathtub (been doing this for a while) - she also drinks her bath water, so I'm not thinking that Mensa will be granting her early admissions
  • blow kisses
  • sign lots of words - bubbles, cheese, cracker, apple, more, eat, drink, water, milk, hurt, please, funny, silly, drink, hat, sit, all gone, baby, sleep, shirt, time out (at least a 30-second time out), spider, little, big, off, on, monkey, pear, tree, sing, flag, hear, fish, UP, down, in, out, bear, jacket, pants, ball, table, hot, cold, read, Daddy, Mommy, help, brush (teeth), comb, thank you, cat, dog, where is, new, diaper, bath, share (she can sign it - doubtful that she will DO it), deer, strong, bottle, lamb, spoon, bread, orange, car, go, stop, ice cream, bacon, ...
  • tell you that she loves you, she's sorry, she's missed you, she likes it, she is happy to see you, to wait - all when she feels like it
  • can mostly sing the ABC song - usually needs you to sing along, too (unlike counting to 10 which she can do unassisted)
  • stacks 10 blocks up on top
  • jump
  • help cook or bake - she likes to lick the bowl before most of the cake has been mixed, so speaking from experience, I would make sure the eggs are fully integrated before seeking her help
  • put some shapes in her shape sorter or with her Melissa & Doug puzzles
  • she can speak in full thoughts - sentences

Our baby girl is becoming more of a little girl and less of a baby...she is truly amazing!

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