Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!!!

I can't believe my baby girl is TWO years old! Oh my!!!

Reid surprised us by coming home yesterday evening! He was there when we pulled in the driveway. Elizabeth saw his Explorer and squealed, "Oh boy! Daddy's home!" I know it did them both a lot of good to spend the evening together! Elizabeth was so excited for Reid to be home she played really, really hard. Then she was in sleep mode before she even did a bottle! Now that is a switch from earlier this week! (On Monday, I flung her in the pack & play, put on some cartoons, and crashed...after midnight. I couldn't last any longer! On Tuesday, she woke up at 3 AM saying, "Hi, Mommy." (Thankfully fell back asleep somewhat quickly...after I brought her into bed with me.) But last night, she "helped" me make lasagna for tonight's dinner, licked a spatula from the reduced sugar cupcakes I was baking, and nearly fell asleep in her high chair!) It does us both a lot of good to have Reid home!!!

Speaking of which...pray for safe travels as Reid goes to Shepherd to broadcast tonight's game. The Weather Channel is predicting 4-6 inches in that neck of the woods for today (and goodness only knows what for the areas in-between...Garrett County, MD...) The team may be staying the night...Reid, too, if it doesn't look good. And although they aren't coming from as far a distance as Reid travels tonight, pray for Grandma & Papi as they are planning to come up to the Friendly City of Fairmont for Elizabeth's birthday.
Plans are coming together quite nicely for her party on Sunday. Her birthday party (cupcake) outfit FINALLY arrived from Gymboree! (Via horse coach, I believe, but it arrived nonetheless.) I am still awaiting part of the party favors (an EBay score) and Kennedy's collar (another EBay find)...and I need to find the clippy things so I don't have to hand tie the helium balloons - that was a pain in the neck (or fingers) this morning! Ugh.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!!! Mama & Daddy love you (and Kennedy tolerates long as you aren't pulling her tail)!!!

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Paula said...

that is so great that reid came home..i hope all his travels went ok.