Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mad to Target!

I am mad to Target! (That's how my cousin Mike used to say it when he was a kid, now a dad of three..."I am mad to ___" when he felt he was wronged...)

I've thrown 5 birthday parties for Elizabeth. Five (sometimes over-the-top) themed parties:

  1. Baby Einstein
  2. Cupcake*
  3. Candyland
  4. Sesame Street*
  5. Dr. Seuss*
I've thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of these parties, with the exception of the party favors for the Cupcake party coming late (3 days after the party). Reid has had a ridiculous amount of patience as I have really lost my mind with going over-the-top with a two-sheet-cake game board of Candyland or the Sesame Street-themed party...or going full-out complete with green eggs and ham for a Dr. Seuss party...especially since these parties have only had, in addition to the birthday girl, two other children in attendance... I love going whole-hog-over-the-top on this sort of thing...such wonderful memories I have of these events.

But now Target has foiled me again! I am mad to Target!

As you may have noted from the above listing of the birthday party themes, there are 3 themes with an asterisk (*) next to them. This is where me being mad to Target comes into play...

2nd Birthday Party - Cupcake theme: Two weeks, literally two weeks after I had procured all of the cupcake stuff I could get my hands on via eBay and other internet sites, Target released their cupcake line of "stuff" for Valentine's Day. Grrr!

4th Birthday Party - Sesame Street theme: A few months after I ordered everything from SesameStreet.org, eBay, etc. for this party, Target comes out with a bunch of Sesame Street stuff in their "Dollar Bins" right in the front of the store. Grrr!

5th Birthday Party - Dr. Seuss theme: For this one, I had to shop online as well at the Imperial Teacher's Store here in Wheeling for stuff... What did I find this evening when I ran into Target -- in the freaking "Dollar Bins" right in the front of the store -- rubbing my nose in this but Dr. Freakin' Seuss stuff! All sorts of it...cheap. Adorable stuff like awesome party bags, too...

I am mad to Target!

But not mad enough to start shopping at Wal-Mart - that's for sure!

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