Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Hat Trick

It's always difficult to three-peat. In hockey, when you score three goals in a game the fans throw their hats onto the rink, hence the "hat trick." The next time you see me, you may need to throw your hat in my direction - actually it might not be in bad form all together to just always throw petals in my foot path or your coat over any puddle in which I may step, but I digress...

My hat trick has involved 2 very special quilts, the first and last by Nana (AKA: Carol J. Amos) and the second quilt by Grandma Wine (AKA: Helen Wine) and 3 6-month old subjects...the latter, especially the third subject, is the reason why I am so deserving of your adoration. ;-)

I snapped Elizabeth's "quilt picture" on my crappy old camera that took every bit of three seconds to take the picture from the moment that you pushed the shutter button. I captured the magic while only snapping 8 help, just the crappy camera, a beautiful cathedral window quilt and a happy 6 month old Elizabeth.

The following year, I got another wonderful picture of Alex on the quilt that his grandmother made. I had a far better camera (same one I use today -- the Canon Rebel XT)...Anne was there to help get his attention and fuss with the quilt. That day I snapped a total of 50 pictures.

Then along comes Cate -- and the pressure of filling the space on Mom & Daddy's living room wall with the 6 month old Cate on the quilt picture. Two photo shoots -- one at Rick & Carol's house with Carol doing all of the fussing. One earlier today here at our house with Reid doing the fussing and entertaining. A ton of fussing over the quilt...and "look here Cates"...188 pictures later -- and by Jones, I think we've got it! (Hopefully, this isn't an indication of second baby being a pain in the butt raising things to come!)

(Oh, and to Grandma & Nana, don't worry, you won't be getting this album on Snapfish any time soon...let me know what color frame and size you need -- as we're doing this for part of our Father's Day gifts to Papi/Papa. If you need multiple frames so that grandbabies are coordinating, just let me know!)

Elizabeth - 6 months - quilt by Carol J. Amos

Alex - 6 months - quilt by Helen Wine

Cate - 6 months - quilt by Carol J. Amos

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