Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rick & Carol Celebrate 40 Years!

Two days before Christmas, December 23, 2007, Rick & Carol Amos celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. Reid, Elizabeth, Rikki, Doug, and I hosted an open house party in their honor. What a great day that was! We had about 40 people - all told, which was rather amazing being so close to Christmas! Rick's dear friend from junior high on, Jim Biggs, and part of his family (wife and two of his four kids) drove all the way from Pickens. Now THAT is a good friend.

This is Elizabeth with her Great-Great-Uncle Rex Amos!

Elizabeth was an angel. She even greeted a few guests with an extended hand - so very grown up! She sampled a great amount of the food and some of our friendly guests were handed pre-nibbled cheese, cucumbers, etc. She ate what seemed like a pound of cheese...and however much of the pumpkin roll she could reach on the plate. She didn't nap until nearly 4:00 that evening when Grandma was able to get her to sleep, only three hours past her usual nap time.

The Weavers (Gene & Dee) and Jim Biggs chatting with Rick.
And here is a sweet moment of Elizabeth hugging Nana.

Here is a naughty moment of Elizabeth copping a feel of my "girls." Bad girl, BAD!

The photo wreath turned out rather pretty, if I do say so myself!

I am totally loving the photo ornaments that I did! They were a huge hit, too!

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Paula said...

well done jennie, looks like everything turned out really nice. i hope you were able to "relax" during christmas...