Monday, December 17, 2007

About as classy as the wife

If you can believe what you read, (at least the nations #1, Terrelle Pryor, is reporting this that) recruits found out that Coach Rod was headed to the University of Michigan before he told the Mountaineers. That seems to me as if Coach Rod was taking a play straight out of the leopard-print-loving wife, Rita's, handbook on how to be a class act.

I also appreciated this quote from WV's governor, Joe Manchin (taken from Yahoo! news article by Larry Lage, AP):

West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin blamed the involvement of what he termed "high-priced agents" in college sports.

"I have known Rich for most of his life, from a boy whose only wish was to play football at WVU to a young man whose only wish was to coach at WVU," Manchin said in a statement. "Something is wrong with the profession of college coaching today when a leader's word is no longer his bond."

Way to go, Joe!

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Paula said...

i was proud of him too. i thought that was pretty tough for a public persona to say