Thursday, December 13, 2007

E's funnies

On Tuesday evening, Reid and Chuck were doing the prep-work to install the tub surround in our bathroom (YEA!), so it was just Elizabeth, Kennedy, and me hanging out in the living room.

I smelled a peculiar odor and asked E if she pooped. "Nope," she said - her typical reply. About a minute later, she pulled the back of my jeans with her index finger and looked in that region and said, "You pooped." I get that she has picked this up from me, among others...and I pray this is one of the few lovelies that she picked up from her Mama (but I'm not holding my breath.)

Later that evening (when both of our backsides were clean as a whistle), she scooted HER rocking chair (which before that, despite Anne's attempts at thievery, was MY rocking chair, and before that was PAPI's rocking chair) right in front of the tree - nearly touching the branches. She was admiring several of the ornaments. After about 5 minutes of her rocking in her chair looking at the ornaments she said, "Tree, I watching you." Made me giggle.

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The Wine Family said...

Those are too funny and too cute. I'm glad Elizabeth is enjoying my, oh, I mean her rocking chair!!!!