Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful to/for/about:

  • A sweet sleeping girl next to me -- yes, even if she is cramping my style here in the recliner. (She started running a fever last night -- and it has continued throughout the day. We think it is yet another ear infection, but hope not...have a call into the pediatrician for tomorrow morning, in case she still has the fever and complains about her ears hurting.)
  • My faboo hubby -- I'm quite the lucky girl!
  • Early cheers for West Liberty as they celebrate University Week next week!
  • My sweet baby girl, Kennedy, who doesn't even whimper when she gets moved around in the bed every night...and usually never fails to be my foot warmer!
  • Photoshop -- just love playing around on Photoshop...currently working on Alex's 2nd birthday party invites (in addition to various stuff for work...)
Funny Elizabeth story from yesterday evening. Reid had a Board of Governor's meeting last night, so I took Elizabeth out to eat. She enjoys getting to go to a restaurant - especially when it is one-on-one. On the drive out to The Highlands (that would be the area with Cabella's for those of you who are only a little bit familiar with Wheeling) Elizabeth started singing. At one point she went into singing one of her favorite Sesame Street songs:

"A firefighter wears a hat
And drives a fire engine
A special coat that's water-proof
A ladder to climb up to the roof
A hose that sprays the water around
We are heroes in your town."

When she was done singing I asked her who she knows that is a firefighter. She thought about my question for a second and proudly exclaimed, "Papi's a firefighter!"

"Right!" I said.

"And Big Bird..." replied Elizabeth.

Sorry to burst your philanthropic bubble, Papi, but Big Bird is yellow...and that is Elizabeth's favorite!!!

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