Saturday, April 25, 2009

Poor Baby

So Elizabeth is practically a pink-eye diagnosis away from the plague.

It started Thursday afternoon with a high fever followed by the chills. Thursday evening Elizabeth was quite lethargic -- until around the time that I got home at which time she perked up and started cooking like a miniature Martha Stewart (she's quite in control in her own kitchen!) She was on the rebound, or so we thought, so we sent her back to daycare on Friday. Again with the high fever (103 on both Thursday & Friday afternoons)...and a bit of a red bumpy rash (most noticed on her cheeks and hands, but she has it on her legs, arms, and torso as well.) She complained a little bit on Thursday of her ear hurting, but complaints on Friday. So this morning we got her into the pediatrician.

According to the pediatrician, she has "generous" tonsils, which are inflamed -- as well as her adenoids. (Those suckers are HUGE -- it is amazing that she can swallow on any given day, but today they are really, really big!) Infections in both ears -- the right ear being much worse than the left. (Of course when she complained to me of her ear hurting, it was the left ear that she complained about.) She has strep throat. And the rash is scarlatina -- which according to WebMD, is another name for "scarlet fever" which is strep throat with a rash.

Great! That doesn't sound like a bloodletting with some leeches, I don't want to know what does!

In other words -- stay away from our house for the next 48 hours -- maybe more if, God forbid, Reid or I should contract strep throat...

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Paula said...

Poor Baby is right..we are just getting over Fifth's Disease..don't kids get the weirdest things. I hope she feels better soon.