Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Elizabeth's Easter Party

So it's another party at Elizabeth's daycare tomorrow. Lots of the parents in Elizabeth's class do some kind of treat for the kids to take home, in addition to making or bringing what we've signed up to bring. Mainly it's junk...more crap that we don't need in our house -- certainly not in Elizabeth's stash of over-flowing toys. So, I try to do things that are more on the consumable side.

I think these little carrots turned out pretty cute. They were really easy to make, too!

I used disposable cake decorating bags. Filled each with some of the chick whole wheat cheddar cheese crackers (Target's knock-off of Goldfish...figured the chicks were more Eastery). Then I cut sheets of green tissue paper into squares. Stuffed the tops of the carrots with the tissue and tied them off with green curling ribbon. I cut out egg-shaped tags and wrote "Happy Easter ♥ Elizabeth" on each of those. Elizabeth colored the backs of the tags and put spring stickers on most of them (she got bored, I put stickers on the ones she didn't.)

For some reason on party sign-up days, Reid is the one that does the signing up. No complaints, though, as he signs me up for cookies. Elizabeth & I typically make the cookies and decorate them together -- a process that usually takes a couple of evenings to complete. Not so much today and it was a one day project - and E wasn't in much of a mood to do anything other than eat cookie dough. (She ate enough cookie dough that Reid told her that he belly was as big as Alex's - and it nearly was!)

I think these turned out pretty cute, too!

By the way, the jelly beans are yummy! They are Sweet Tart jelly beans! (I don't like jelly beans, so was pleased that these are ones I can munch on!)

Funny little ditty on E from this evening. While taking the first batch of cookies out of the oven, I burned the heck out of my thumb. Burned it badly enough that I had to keep ice on it for several hours to keep it from throbbing. When I was getting her ready for her bath I was asking her to please cooperate with me since my thumb was really hurting. About that time Reid came into the bathroom and was able to actually do the bathing duty, which saved my thumb being in warm water (thankyouverymuch, Sweetness!)

Reid asked Elizabeth, "Are you going to cooperate with Mommy, Elizabeth?"

Elizabeth replied, "Nope."

I know, I know...she's only 3. She doesn't know what cooperate means. It was still pretty funny to us, though!

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