Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Famous Amoses

How is one supposed to compete? First, I married "The Voice." He is now on TV during West Liberty's home games. Now I have this:

On our way home from the Pink Ladies meeting last Tuesday (sorry, I've been a bit lazy about Blogging recently), around 8:30 at night, while waiting to make a left-hand turn onto Benoni Ave - near the bowling alley - from the dark confines of the backseat, Elizabeth exclaims, "Look! Mommy - look! Nana! Bezeth!" ("Bezeth" is how Elizabeth says her name.) So I look over my right shoulder at Elizabeth thinking how sweet she is - and how much she is becoming a little girl with her expanding imagination. I figure she has dreamed up or remembered something fun from earlier in the day with Nana. She tells me again, "Look, Mommy! Nana! Bezeth!" This time she is pointing ahead. I figure the few cars I have been waiting for have passed and I can now head on home via Benoni Ave when I catch up with my 2-year old. What she has been pointing to is the Go Red billboard where Nana and Bezeth are right smack dab in the middle (albeit next to the bra-less Cheri, but right up there nonetheless!)

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Paula said...

That is so great! I have driven by that a million times! I will pay more close attention next time.