Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cate's Growing Language

I'm so long over-due for a post it's not even funny...and Cate's language has exploded since my last post.  I'll try to list all of her words here, but I'm sure there are some I will forget.  Ones with a * she also signs:

  1. Mommy
  2. Daddy
  3. Sissy
  4. Dog*
  5. Stop it (typically spoken to the dog, Kennedy)
  6. Cocoa
  7. Piggy (for the Piglet blanket that is the new addition to the growing list of items she likes to carry around)
  8. Sock
  9. Shoes* 
  10. Jaket
  11. Shirt
  12. Pants
  13. Hat
  14. I no poop (sometimes "I poop!")
  15. No
  16. Yes (with a bit of a fist pump)
  17. Milk*
  18. Please*
  19. Spoon
  20. Eat
  21. Cookie 
  22. Chip
  23. Chicken
  24. Copcorn (aka: popcorn)
  25. Ice cream
  26. Cake
  27. Want it
  28. Wawa*
  29. Tank You
  30. Done*
  31. All gone*
  32. More*
  33. Nana
  34. Papa
  35. Papi
  36. Aunt Anne 
  37. Sean
  38. Rara
  39. Doug (sounds a lot like dog, but she says it when she sees pictures of Doug, so we get that she's not calling Doug a dog -- or so we hope!)
  40. Maggie
  41. CaCa (She's a bilingual genius!  In addition to this being Aunt Cathy's nickname, she's also saying "shit" - how awesome is she I ask you?)
  42. Campbell 
  43. Let's gooooo (and then I say "Mountaineers!")
  44. Bed
  45. Night night
  46. Baby*
  47. Blanket
  48. Up
  49. Sit
  50. Down
  51. Chair
  52. What's that?
  53. Bye-Bye*
  54. Hello
  55. Play
  56. Hair
  57. Body
  58. Fingers
  59. Toes
  60. Belly
  61. Mouth
  62. Ears
  63. Eyes
  64. Nose, nose, nose (typically while squeezing hers or mine)
  65. Mickey Mouse (sounds a lot like her mouth is full of marshmallows "Micka Mouse")
  66. Emo (Elmo)
  67. Cup
  68. Plate
  69. Funny*
  70. On
  71. Off
  72. Baketball (we're gearing up to cheer for the Toppers and Mountaineers for BASKETBALL season)
  73. Ball
  74. Put away (maybe one of my kids will know to put away toys...)
  75. READ
  76. Book
  77. Where's*
  78. BATH**** (It is more of a full body wiggle with crazy-enthusiastic signing -- so much so we have to spell the word if she isn't going to be on the receiving end of the B-A-T-H)
  79. Dirty*
  80. Dance*
  81. Yellow
  82. Who's that?
  83. Apple*
  84. Pig*
  85. Monkey* (followed by "ooh ooh aah aah")
  86. Horse
  87. Hay (those two typically come together)
  88. Seal (followed by clapping her feet together and saying "oh, oh, oh")
  89. Bunny
  90. Bird*
  91. Duck*
  92. Bock! Bock!* (some of you may call it a chicken -- she only refers to 'chicken' if she is going to consume it, but pictured in a book, it is a "Bock! Bock!")
  93. Color
  94. Paper
  95. Bug
  96. Block
  97. Mine
  98. Top (working on Toppers)
  99. Glasses
  100. WUV YOU!!!  (Never softly spoken, always shouted...hopefully followed by blown kisses...)
Notable names NOT included on this list would be: Grandma and Alex.  Sorry you two, we're working on it...but she has quite the stubborn streak (I have no earthly idea where she gets that), so I can't make any promises...

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