Sunday, June 24, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Cate's language acquisition is unbelievable.  She's saying new words nearly every day.  Here's the latest:

  • Pweese (Please) in addition to the sign...she can get nearly anything she wants with this
  • Tink You (Thank You) - amazing how good the manners are with our sweet 18-month-old
  • Sissy (Sissy) - it sure beats trying to say "Elizabeth"
  • MINE (MINE!!!) - as in if it is in my sight, has ever been in my sight, it's MINE!
  • Hat (hat) - the girl loves hats...she'd love the Derby!
And, not to be out-done...on Friday night while at my parents' house, we all got into our PJs a short while before bedtime.  When E saw me in mine (a tank and shorts, mind you), she told me, "Mommy, you look smokin' hot."  I told her this was inappropriate comments for a person of her age.  She told me, "Well, everyone is saying it."  Alrighty then! 

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