Thursday, January 5, 2012

Elizabeth's Impending Birthday

Elizabeth has become quite obsessed with Star Wars these days. She nearly leaped out of her skin when she saw the movie poster for Star Wars Episode I in 3D (coming on February 10th!) when we were at The Muppets. (It will be our Valentine's date!) I've been squirreling away Star Wars party supplies like a squirrel with nuts in November. Even Nana got into the act and bought out nearly every Star Wars item they had at the Fairmont WalDump before Christmas. I probably have enough supplies for two parties (not that they will go to waste as I have a sneaking suspicion that Alex will want a Star Wars party in May...)

Date has been set. We toyed with a location outside of our home, but everything that I think is age appropriate has a 15 minute set-up/tear down policy and a 2-hour window for food, cake, and fun. Everything else that is cool, she will likely enjoy it more in a few years. Therefore, after much debate, we'll be opening up our home to a few of Elizabeth's friends.

Now, I ask freaking awesome are these invitations??? Putting them in the mail tomorrow...

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Torivio Tribe 10 said...

Awesome invitations! Can't wait to see the cake! =)