Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crap That Annoys Me...

Here's the latest on crap that annoys me (feel free to laugh at my expense):

  • Being so damned tired that you walk into the men's bathroom at the airport (6 AM flights from Pittsburgh, making me depart my house at 3:45 AM may have had a role to play here...)
  • Toilet water hitting my backside (when I'm standing with my pants pulled up no less) as it automatically flushes. Who needs that much flushing power, Pittsburgh International Airport???
  • People who have carry-on baggage that is the same size as my check baggage for the weekend (cheap, annoying bastards!)
  • The people that sit behind you on a flight that are sooooooo loud that you can literally hear every word of their if you were hard of hearing person at the nursing home...
  • People who forget they will be in tight quarters with others (planes, offices, board rooms, etc.) when they POUR on the cologne...

Must. Drink. More. Coffee.

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