Sunday, January 22, 2012

Elizabeth's 6th Birthday Party!

A very Star Wars obsessed birthday girl got just what she wanted - a Star Wars themed event. I went a little crazy with the cupcakes, but think they turned out uber cool! Who am I kidding, I went a bit overboard for everything for this party. It was, after all, the first birthday party where she invited more than her BFFs, Campbell & Will. We were delighted, in addition to the Koeglers, to have E's gal pals, Madeline & Reese (and their awesome mom, Jennifer) and the Huffmans - Jacob, Jillian, & Josh (along with their Star Wars loving dad, Aaron, and their mom, Courtney, who like Reid doesn't "get it".) Grandma was on hand to spoil us all -- especially me, with all of the cleaning before and after the fact!

Elizabeth got a TON of fun stuff from Star Wars action figures, a Star Wars tent and blanket (to go with her new bunk beds!), girly-girl stuff (that I have no clue about - lol), to clothes, to the HUGE Barbie Dream Town House - complete with a flushing toilet which is sooooo unnecessary!

What a great day!!! Check it out here...

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