Friday, July 8, 2011

Cate - More Milestones

Every day with Cate is a new adventure! Last night, she reached another can read about it by viewing the text messages between Reid & me. My messages are in the blue, his are in yellow. Enjoy!

Chat with you more tomorrow. Sweet dreams.
Think of me when you are actually getting sleep...

11:55 PM, Jul 7

Love you, mean it
11:55 PM, Jul 7

Great. Xoxoo
11:56 PM, Jul 7

Cate has determined it is time to wake up for the day...jealous???
4:35 AM, Jul 8

*Editor's Note - it was actually 4:11 AM when she woke...silly me, I thought it wasn't going to be for the day...

On a good note, she pulled herself up to a standing position...on a bad one, it was in the bassinet, which I have since had to dismantle as quietly as possible in the dark...
4:42 AM, Jul 8

Back to alarm set to go off only in 1 hr, 17 min, but REALLY, who's counting???
5:29 AM, Jul 8

6:01 AM, Jul 8

My alarm just went off and I saw this. So sorry. :(
6:01 AM, Jul 8

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