Friday, July 1, 2011

Cate - 7 months

Cate is changing so much every day...I hesitate to say 'filling out' as I have washed up the 6-12 month clothing that Elizabeth wore and already switched out the 3-6 month items with the larger ones. Yesterday when I put a 6-9 month onesie that Elizabeth had worn, it ripped near the snaps. I don't believe it was the age of the onesie that caused it to rip as it barely snapped before she stretched 'riiiiiippppppp'! Gracious sakes! The girl loves to eat.

Her cry when she gets tired or hungry these days is rather amusing - other than the obvious (that it's a cry!) She makes a spitting car sound "Brrrrrr Whaaaaaa Brrrrrr Whaaaaaa." Pretty funny sounding way of crying.

She has done quite well with eating the fruits and veggies with her rice cereal. I'm also most pleased that she doesn't require the food to be heated up...will even do the fruit/veggies right from the refrigerator. (Unlike when she is taking a bottle and that had better be at the same temperature that breast milk comes when she is nursing - otherwise she won't take the bottle!)

When I last spoke with Kristin, she requested the 6 month pictures of E & C side-by-side for better comparison of how similar the girls look, so I'm well as the latest installment of Cate's quilt picture (you should be able to click on both pictures to view them larger):

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