Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Ransom of Red Chief

For some time now, I've been telling people who "threaten" to take Elizabeth home with them because she is so cute that it would be like the Ransom of Red Chief. They think I'm joking, but I'll let you be the judge:

  • Sunday, January 16th - Reid, being a smart-ass, put the Catholic Mass service from Wheeling's Cathedral of St. Joseph service on the television. Elizabeth came downstairs from playing tea party in her bedroom and inquired, "Oh! We're staying home???" (Okay, I get it, this one isn't so bad...it's actually as if she was Jake's & my love child (it is West by God Virginia after all...) fast forward several years and I'm sure she'll enjoy watching service on TV while having "communion" (eating Italian bread, with a little butter, and drinking a bottle of wine!) Consider this one the warm-up for the next story...
  • Monday, January 17th - Elizabeth's 5th birthday - Reid & E were playing on the Wii playing the boat racing game. Elizabeth lost the race to which she exclaimed, "What the Hell happened here?" Reid and Grandma quickly exchanged glances to ensure that they had actually heard her say what they thought they heard...Digging the hole a bit deeper, Elizabeth then says, "Jesus Christ, I lost!" When asked by Reid & Grandma what she said, Elizabeth explained, "I talkeded [sic] like a man!"
  • Tuesday, January 18th - Elizabeth is obviously having a banner week at this point... I asked her to help me with dinner, she wasn't having any of that. She further wasn't thrilled about having to come to the dinner table for our family dinner - wanting instead to watch yet another episode of iCarly. She did as she was asked though...and upon my request, she called Grandma to the dinner table with, "Grandma, dinner's ready. Blah, blah, blah..."
  • Monday, February 14th - Valentine's Day...actually, late night Valentine's night - 11PM - despite having been cuddling (aka wrestling with a jumping bean) for well over an hour and reading books, Elizabeth was not yet asleep. (That's not exactly news, just setting the stage...) I told Elizabeth to go upstairs to Mommy's & Daddy's bed and I'd be up in a minute. My throat is really sore (thanks to whatever bug that both Reid & Grandma have had), so I was making a cup of Russian Tea to take up with me. Just when I was about to go upstairs, I heard a little voice from the top of the stairs saying (but not so loud, for once, that she thought Mommy would hear), "Come on, Mommy, I don't have all day!"
  • A while later we're still wrestling, I mean cuddling, in bed. I am continually telling her to stop fidgeting to which she responds, "But my heart keeps telling me to do it."

I'm still hoping that Red Chief will work up the courage to get her picture taken with her favorite basketball player, John Wolosinchuck, but for now this one will have to do (Disclaimer: Some objects in this picture may appear larger (E) or smaller (C) than in real life! And, John is a real sport for us trying to get E's picture with him!!!):

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