Saturday, February 12, 2011

Doctor Check-Ups

So we all survived the regular check-up appointment to the doctor this morning -- or should I rephrase to say that despite Elizabeth passing her hearing test but refusing to listen to her Mommy and Daddy (like lying on her belly on the doctor's stool and whizzing herself across the floor in our room), Elizabeth managed to survive the doctor's appointment. (Likely only because Reid and I figured there were too many witnesses around so we restrained ourselves from beating her...)

Elizabeth had an ear ache last week (right ear again) with a significant amount of drainage that came out of that ear -- good thing she has tubes in those ears! She does still have a little bit of fluid behind that ear, but both tubes are in place...and she passed her hearing test. She also passed her vision test. She gained 12 pounds since last year and is in the 90th percentile in weight (she now weighs 48 pounds). She grew 4 inches (!) since last year and is in the 95th percentile in height (she's 46" tall!). The growth spurt mostly came in the fall/winter -- as the pants that I bought her in September have long been stored away. She's wearing size 6's now to get them long enough for her limbs...

When asked what her favorite vegetable, Elizabeth said "broccoli"...her favorite fruit "oranges"...her favorite meat (and I'll do my best to quote -- but it was said in under 5 seconds and I'm not a stenographer!) "Well, I like deer Papi shoots deer...Papi smokes but Grandma doesn't...he's gonna get in trouble for smoking because it's naaaasty."

Elizabeth was most elated that she didn't get any shots this appointment! She was also thrilled (twisted sister!) that Cate was getting two shots (in addition to one vaccine orally). So excited that she videoed a little bit of it on my phone...

Cate grew 1-1/4 inches in the past month (she's currently 22-1/4") keeping her in the 50th percntile in height. Where she made some major gains {literally} were in the weight department. She went from the 50th percentile to the 90th percentile as she gained 3 lbs., 8 oz. (she now weighs 12 lbs., 11 oz.)! Even her rolls have rolls!!!

Cate's doing a pretty good job of holding her head on her own. (Or maybe it is just the fat rolls propping up her noggin...) She's trying to talk and will engage with you quite a bit. Her smiles will just melt you heart!

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