Monday, January 3, 2011

Cate is 1 Month Old!

Happy 1 month birthday, Baby Cate!

Unlike with Elizabeth, with Cate we had bigger concerns of jaundice. We had to make 2 trips back to the hospital for repeat biliruben tests, but considered it quite fortunate that Cate (and as a result of the feedings) didn't need to be checked back into the hospital so she could get the photo-therapy treatments -- AKA: baby tanning bed treatment. (Tanning bed treatments at such a young age would make her quite the envy of too many girls in the greater Clarksburg/Fairmont area...)

Cate, definitely unlike Elizabeth didn't have feeding issues! She regained her birth weight in just a few days after being born (it took Elizabeth over 3 weeks to do so).

Knock on wood she has been a better sleeper than E was, too -- although E set that bar pretty frickin' low! She eats so much, though, I am still quite groggy in the mornings as I am up several times at night with her.

She's such a good baby -- seldom fussing, but when she has cut a shine, it has been around midnight, which makes it additionally stressful on Reid & me -- just when we're needing sleep!

(The picture on the right is Cate at 1 week; on the left is Cate at 1 month.)

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