Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Babies About the House

Elizabeth is such a good big sister -- she hasn't once shown any signs of jealousy! I'm still amazed with this as I can't tell you the number of times she has asked for something (to play, to read, to get a snack, etc.) and my response has been, "In just a minute, I'm (feeding/changing/etc.) Baby Cate."

E has enjoyed exploring all of the baby items, including having her doll (the one that Aunt Anne gave her the day that Cate came home from the hospital) give Cate's car seat travel rocker a spin.

Reid snapped several cute pictures of me reading to the girls. E has assumed one of her new favorite positions -- with her head on the Boppy and her long limbs curled up between my legs in the recliner.

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Paula said...

love the photos...so far Lydia is pretty excited as well, kissing my belly and talking to Ella. The other day she kept asking where I was and Mark said "Are you missing mama today?" Her answer, "No, I was wondering how baby Ella was." I hope it continues when she actually gets here.