Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful to/for/about:

  • Benign results on the lumps removed from CJA's head...
  • My mom -- it's been fun having her spend the extra time with us...and Elizabeth is as clean as a whistle at the moment (well, except for her mouth...and not in that, "Poor thing, she has a potty mouth just like her mama" sort of way)
  • Wonder Woman cake - E has feasted on it since her birthday...well, at least the icing...Mom, Reid, & I have actually eaten the cake underneath the icing...
  • My Skull Candy -- Elizabeth has had the best time sharing the ear buds with me...and will listen to just about anything that I want to...even listening to Reid & Chris broadcasting the West Liberty men's basketball game from my beloved alma mater, WVWC, as I multi-task and watch the Mountaineers at Georgetown. (Don't tell her Daddy, but I think E would rather be listening to 'Ginia - as in the Mountaineer Marching Band.)
  • The heat wave we got today (low 30's)...enough to help the ice thaw around the back of the house so we could shovel it away...
  • The Mountaineers for getting a big win on the road against #14 Georgetown
  • For HOPE...for our new President

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