Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful to/for/about:

  • That my Mom's MRI was negative - woo hoo! No surgery for Sue Baby!!!
  • That the Lady Toppers are such good gals - they were great with Elizabeth when we had them over for dinner on Monday. E gave them all (I swear I think it was all of them) a tour of the house. It's easily done, mind you, when, "This is MY playroom. This is MY kitchen. This is MY dining room. This is MY bathroom. This is MY crib. This is MY bedroom. (Girls would ask if that was her "big-girl's bed" in HER bedroom - E would say, "No that's Grandma's bed.") This is MY bedroom." (The girls would say that was an awfully big bed for HER bedroom and E would say, "Well, that's Mommy & Daddy's bed.") Thankfully the girls went along with the tour...and E didn't take them to the 3rd floor...or surprisingly the basement.
  • Reid - who brought me sweet!
  • Pat White - for being the greatest player to ever wear the Mountaineer uniform in my lifetime! What a privilege it has been to watch him play for WVU!
  • My scrapbook space...plugging along on the next installment of Elizabeth's scrapbook...not to mention E's rockin' birthday party invites!
  • Kennedy - who keeps my feet warm when they get cold - without a whimper! She's the sweetest little puppy ever!
  • Elizabeth - who just continually cracks me up. You must hear her read "The Monster at the End of this Book: Starring Lovable, Furry, Old Grover" to herself. It's priceless! In addition to, at times, testing the waters to call me "Jennie" then saying "Is that your name, Mommy?"...she's taken to sometimes calling Reid "Sweetness."
  • The ability to work from home! I get soooo much done...

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