Friday, January 30, 2009

3 year check up

I almost forgot...E's 3 year check up...

She's in the 80-85th percentile for height -- 38.5"

She's in the 50-55th percentile for weight -- 31 lbs.

She enjoyed getting her blood pressure taken (80/50) and wanted more of that sort of thing. She enjoyed having her heart listened to and her ears checked. (She still has some fluid in her ears and has to take Zyrtec nightly as a result. She was all high 5's with Dr. Ruben during the exam.

She really liked Dr. Ruben...until the flu shot. I held her while Reid attempted to distract her. We kept trying to get her to turn her head away so she wouldn't see the needle. That didn't work so well. Dr. Ruben was great, though. He put on a Snoopy band-aid and shortly after giving her the shot had to step out of the room for a couple of minutes. When Dr. Ruben came back into the room, there were no more high 5's...she refused to make eye contact with him and continually held her arm where she was given her shot.

Oh our little drama queen!

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