Sunday, September 21, 2008

E's latest things that make me giggle

The other day, I bought E a new Cabbage Patch baby - the kind that when you feed them a bottle of water, the baby pees. (Work with me folks, I don't want to change diapers forever!) So we filled the bottle and she began feeding the baby. The baby filled the diaper it came with, but you couldn't really feel that the diaper was wet. So I took the diaper off so E could see the baby peeing. While E feeds the baby, the baby pees which was not to the delight of E. She said, "Ugh! Why is her peeing on me? I don't like this!"

While watching the conclusion of the Ryder Cup (way to go U.S.A.!), E was playing with one of her Cabbage Patch baby dolls trying to put it in her shopping cart when she told the baby, "Stop screaming."

We were happy to have Grandma & Papi here this weekend for a visit. They went to Daddy's family reunion on Saturday while E & I went to the first half of the football game at West Lib. E wasn't a fan of the crowd at the game. She refused to walk to the stadium. Refused to sit anywhere but on my lap. Barely spoke over a whisper. She's so funny in a crowd.

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