Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm?

Anyone who thinks that John McCain is a viable option to be the next President...especially in light of the vetting process for Sarah Pallin - wow! The Christian Conservatives must be banging their collective heads against a wailing wall somewhere...

This postcard that I got in the mail several months ago. I find it rather amusing...let's see who else can figure out why I find it so amusing (give me a jingle if you need help):

Why we seem to be having issues with the US Postal Service at our new home. First it was the graffiti on the house. (It was removed, BTW, after the phone call to the Postmaster General of Wheeling who laughed at me for telling him something so crazy as my delivery dillhole wrote on the side of my freaking house. Then it was me not receiving a package that was mailed to me after an eBay win - it was sitting in Wheeling for over a week...I had to go through the hassle of calling USPS general customer service to register the non-delivery of an item with a tracking number. Now the latest is another eBay item that has been shipped to the house. I was home on Friday when the mail was delivered, but the Delivery Dillhole (DD for short) couldn't have run the bell to get me - that's crazy. So he slipped a little "you weren't here but need to sign for this" notice in the slot - partially - not enough for it to come through on the house side. I didn't see it on Friday. We weren't home on Saturday, so another slip went in the box. This one I saw. I signed both slips and put them out for the Monday pickup & delivery. DD didn't bother to show up at all on Monday. How do I know this - because I was home all freakin' day! When DD does bother to show up, there is a note on the new slip that says the item is too large for the slot and we now have to go to the PO and pick it up. Hey, DD, you couldn't have told us that like say on Friday of last week? Also, the other "Hmmmm" factor - does it cost extra to have your mail delivered 6 days/week? If so, where can I sign up?

Party Planning 101: Don't spoil the surprise! Be sure to check the dates on this announcement that Papa Rick scored from the Times West Virginian for me!

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Paula said...

That newspaper cut out is too funny. I will admit I don't know why you found the postcard so funny