Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for/to/about:

  • That my kid is honest (well, unless you ask her when she stinks like nobody's business if she has a poppy butt - then she'll lie like a rug!) Last night, her Daddy kept telling her he was the fastest runner. He figured that at 2, she would be a believer. I asked her who was faster (this is before the finals of the 200m on Olympic coverage) - Daddy or Usain Bolt? She replied, "BOLT!" Furthering her being honest, when she was cuddling with me she said, "Ouch, Mommy! Your legs hurt!" Thanks for pointing out that I needed a shave - quality time I get with my kid!
  • Reid - need I say more? He brought home a variety of beers...I AM the luckiest girl alive!
  • That Jake has to work in the area tomorrow...we're anxiously awaiting his arrival...always good to get quality time with Jakey!
  • Again I need to say that my kid is funny! She has stripped her un-named Cabbage Patch doll nakey because she needs a bath. Weezie discovered the tag and told her un-named baby, "Hey you silly goose, you can't have that!"
  • Krispe Kreme - for, as Christian would call it, "the Devil's food." Those are some yummy non-trans-fat dognuts! When Kennedy was begging Elizabeth for bites this morning, Elizabeth told Kennedy, "No, Kennedy. Stop it. This is special dognut."
  • Kennedy - because she is just the sweetest baby girl ever!
  • Days when I work from home. I get so much more accomplished for both my job & my home life. There is an unbelievable lie...
  • Video footage of priceless moments like these (go here for the QuickTime download if you don't already have it!):

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Paula said...

I love the bow at the made me get teary eyed...I cannot believe how big she has gotten...