Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today, I'm thankful to/for/about:

  • Thankful Thursday posts - they at least keep me in the habit of posting on a semi-regular basis
  • Reid - is a reason even necessary? Isn't he enough? (he told me to say this!)
  • Olympics on the TV - in high-definition! Summer TV for the most part sucks the monkey - sports helps. Elizabeth has been taking in the games, too! On Tuesday evening when we were hanging out in the back "yard", she walked along the wooden 4x4's (ironically the proper width), she jumped down for her dismount, threw her arms up in the air, and then turned to me and said, "Clap, Mommy! Clap!" I gave her a 10 for the execution. (Not sure what the start-value was on the difficulty...)
  • That my darling & handy husband has figured out the leak in the bathtub...and that this will now mean that Papa will call to see what the heck is wrong...(he told me to say this, too!)
  • Joe & Jamie Trotta for getting married last Friday! Congratulations to the Trottas! And for them over-doing the cake situation - with one of these big boys on each table (in addition to their 3-tier cake, which was cake, not fluff, and take-home cake in boxes.) We were certainly benefactors to this, though, as I wasn't going home without some cake. So I walked out the door with an entire cake. Then on Saturday morning, Elizabeth pronounced, "Look, I brought you special cake!"
  • The good folks at daycare - as Elizabeth has had a great week. Drop off has not been an issue as it was a few weeks ago. This week she's been all smiles at drop off. She waves goodbye (no tears) and says, "Bye bye, Jennie." Much easier for me to leave her there to "play with the kids" without all of the drama & tears!
  • Anne & Sean (& Alex) for their thoughtfulness & generosity in bringing the yummy goodness that was the lobster & clam (& mussels & shrimp & crab) bake as part of our housewarming gift (which was ideal for Reid.) And to Mom & Daddy for bringing the garden-fresh corn for us to enjoy as well. (Sean made sure that the lobsters were brought from NYC live because he wanted to see what his "scaredy-cat niece" would do...which was absolutely, positively not touch them!)

  • Anne for spying the ideal housewarming gift for me -
  • And I must give another shout out to my Weezie - for being so darn funny! Saturday night during the lobster and clam bake, she was cuddling up on her Uncle Sean's lap. Every question he asked her, the answer was "Yessss" for about five questions running... Then it went like this: SEAN: Does my breath stink? ELIZABETH: Yessss. SEAN: Am I the most handsome man you have ever seen? ELIZABETH: Nooooo.

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