Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for/to/about:

  • That Elizabeth at least gets "something" from me. I may regret this one later, though. Here's how I know my kid is related to me (because she sure does look an awful lot like her Daddy!): Yesterday morning while she was eating her breakfast, she smacked both of her hands to her head and said, "What - the - hell?" To which I said, "Elizabeth, you can't say that." In all seriousness, she looked at me and replied, "I just did." I guess this means when I relinquish my title, she will be known as The Mouth of the South!
  • That I'm taking a few days off next week - tired of work at the moment...we're going to DC to stay with Rikki & Doug in their new house...and taking Elizabeth (and Nana) to the National Zoo - woo hoo!
  • That I'm done, at least for the moment, with my expense report from the Annual Meeting - one trip ~ 7 days + 2 currencies (yes, 2 types of math) = not a good time.
  • That Erin came to Wheeling for a visit and got to see our house...I'm still so in love with it! (Check back after I begin dealing with the hideous wall paper situation...)
  • Mad Men - just a well-written show on TV...helps me get through until Grey's is back on in the fall...
  • XM radio in my car...which means Air America Radio all the time (that Elizabeth isn't in the back seat saying, " I want 'Ginia, Mommy!")...and Air America Radio putting The Young Turks back on for my morning drive.
  • My folks & Reid's folks for their generous gifts for our our patio furniture with the cash...and we're loving being outside to eat in the evenings!
  • The MLB trade deadline is over...and that Manny is staying if only he will kiss & make up - GOOOOO SOX!!!!

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Paula said...

looks like you spoke too soon